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Festival Rewards – FAQs


What is Festival Rewards

Festival Rewards offers unbeatable value with Buy One Get One Free incentives at the best restaurants, spas, fitness outlets, entertainment and more across the Al Futtaim Malls portfolio in UAE, Qatar and Egypt.

How do I access the Festival Rewards App?

Download Festival Rewards from the app store into your smartphone. Follow the instructions to register an account. To redeem, simply tap on the offer on your phone and follow the process to redeem it when you ask for the bill at the outlet.

How do I see the different merchants available within the products?

1. Select a category on the app homes screen and the offers available will appear, if you have allowed the app access to your location these will show the merchants by proximity.
2. Use the search bar – On the home screen you can search by Name or key word.
3. For more specific search you should enter the category of your choice and use the search bar and filters available.

How many offers are available in Festival Rewards

Festival Rewards has over 300 offers across Al-Futtaim Malls (Dubai Festival City Mall, Festival Plaza, Doha Festival City and Cairo Festival City Mall) and Festival Shopping Credits at participating retailers.

How long are Festival Rewards products valid for?

Festival Rewards products are valid from August 13th 2020 until August 12th 2021 each year, excluding public holidays and other specific days – all of which are mentioned in our Rules of Use within the Festival Rewards App. Festival Shopping Credits are valid from 1st September 2020 until December 31st 2020 or until otherwise specified or extended at the discretion of Al-Futtaim.

What are the restrictions on the offers?

Our offers have very few restrictions on the times or days when they can be used. They are valid throughout the year, excluding some key public holidays and exclusion days. Please see the Rules of Use for more information on which public holidays are listed for your location.

What happens if merchants close during the validity period?

Please read the Rules of Use for additional information on the acceptance and validity of offers in our products.

How many offers are there for each participating merchant?

There are 3 offers for each participating merchant, which can either all be the same offer or two distinct offers. For example, Fabyland is offering 3 Buy One Get One Free offers for admission; that’s 6 admissions for free when using the 3 offers in your app!

How many offers may I use at one time?

A maximum of 4 offers can be used at one time, You can use 1 offer per 2 people and a maximum of 4 offers for 8 guests. In most cases, you must be using 1 offer for at least 2 persons visiting with any of our merchants – Beauty & Fitness offers which may be redeemed both times by the same person. For example, a group of four at a restaurant can redeem with 2 main course offers or 1 main course offer and 1 drink (Cheers) offer, per bill.
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Do I have to pay for Festival Rewards app?

It is free to download and can be easily found on your smartphone’s app store.

Which languages can I use my Festival Rewards in?

Festival Rewards is available in English for all regions and countries.

How do I change the language settings in my App?

You change your phone settings to the language you prefer. For example, if you want your App in Arabic, go to your phone’s settings and change the system language to Arabic. The Festival Rewards App will automatically reflect this language change the next time you use it.

How do I log in via another device?

To log in on another device you simply download Festival Rewards from your App store. Once installed you can log into your account on up to 4 devices. Copy the link sent to you upon activation to your mobile’s web browser and simply log in using the same credentials (registered email and password).

How do I log someone out of my account?

We advise our customers that they should share their account with trusted family members, however should you need to log someone out of your account you can change your password by simply clicking/tapping on the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the App. You will receive an e-mail from us with detailed instructions on resetting your password.

I forgot my password. How can I sign in to Festival Rewards?

If you forget the password for your Festival Rewards account then simply click/tap on the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the App. You will receive an e-mail from us with detailed instructions on resetting your password.

Do I need an internet connection to redeem Festival Rewards mobile offers?

To redeem offers from the App you will need either a Wi-Fi or 3G connection. This is so your account can be updated and your redemptions removed from the available offers in real time. This means that if you are sharing the mobile product with a friend or relative, you will be able to see the offers available in real time.

How do I redeem an ENTERTAINER offer from Festival Rewards App?

Making a redemption through your App is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Here’s how it goes:
1. Tap on the offer you want to redeem.
2. Ask the merchant to enter their PIN.
3. The merchant will then note down the redemption code from the app and apply the discount to your bill.

If I go to a participating outlet and I hit redeem on an offer on my Festival Rewards account and find that they do not accept the offer for some reason, can I cancel the redemption?

Yes, you can cancel the redemption at any point until the teller successfully enters their merchant PIN. However please note that a completed redemption cannot be reversed. We are unable to reinstate mobile offers within the Festival Rewards App.

How to I retrieve the redemption code for a redeemed offer?

If you need to retrieve the redemption code to give to the merchant from your app please follow the below steps”
• Go to the Account Page
• Select “Redemption History”
• Click on the merchant you wish to take the number from

Can I see how much I have saved?

Yes, when you successfully redeem an offer you will see an estimate of how much you have just saved. If you go to the ‘Savings’ tab within the App menu you will see the total amount of estimated savings you have made since using your Festival Rewards mobile app

How can I change the currency that is used within the App?

To change the currency shown
• Go to the Account Page
• Select Preferences
• Select Currency
• Click Update

How do I find out how many offers I have left for a particular outlet on my App account?

Go to the merchant details screen and you will see all the offers available for that merchant. You will see how many are available, how many are locked and how many have already been redeemed.

I have redeemed an offer at one location but the offer is showing as redeemed at all locations on my app.

For each merchant you get 3 offers in total. When you redeem an offer it will show as redeemed at all locations for that merchant. Once you have redeemed all 3 offers for a merchant, all locations will be locked.

Do I have access to the Rules of Use via my App?

Yes, validity and Rules of Use are contained within the Offer Screen as well as within the Account section.

How do I redeem more than one offer at the same time on the App – e.g. when I am with a group of friends and I have offers available to use?

You can currently only redeem one offer at a time within the App. So if you want to redeem 4 offers at the same time then you need to go through the process 4 times with the teller and he/she will then produce your bill with the total discount applied.

How does the App work when using offers from the Beauty & Fitness section– e.g. when I go to a spa alone and want to use my offer for the next visit?

The spa will accept your redemption in the normal way and then provide you with a certificate which you need to present the next time you visit the outlet. The certificate will contain the exact details of the complimentary treatment or service. You may use the certificate for:
• Another complimentary treatment for yourself during your current visit or to extend your treatment.
• A complimentary treatment for your family member or friend to use during your current visit.
• A complimentary treatment or service at a later date but before the expiration date of your product.
*These offers fall into the following categories: Spas, Medical & Wellness, Dental Clinics, Beauty, Hair & Nails, Gents Grooming, and Health & Fitness.

Festival Shopping Credits. Can I use in more than one retailer?

Yes you can use across multiple retailers until the total value of the credit is 0.

Does everyone get a shopping credit?

There is a limited amount of shopping credits for customers and this is capped at a total cumulative value. It is not transferable or redeemable for cash. It expires on the 31st December 2020.


How can I contact you for support/questions for your products?

We have contact points for our customers to reach us and are always be happy to help you out.
Email us: [email protected]