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هو مطعم حديث يتميز بمطبخ مفتوح تفوح فيه النكهات المميزة. يقدم المطعم شرائح لحم شهية من مختلف أنحاء العالم بالإضافة إلى خيارات نباتية. وهكذا يضمن لك تجربة رائعة بأسلوب فريد من نوعه. ... المزيد من منتجات

طريق سلوى ، المنطقة 23
فريج بن محمود
+974 4492 1555
هانترز رووم أند جريل

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Gourmet Qatar 2021

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Restaurants and Bars

طبق رئيسي (3 العرض )

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  • Valid until 1st Jan 2022

العروض المتاحة...

Restaurants and Bars

طبق رئيسي (3العرض )

  • Estimated savings AED 183

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Recent Reviews
It was the first time we ate at Hunters. One my friends said it was the best steak they ever had! We all really enjoyed the food and would go again on a special occasion. Also, the service was excellent and was attended by the excellent Soufiane!المزيد من منتجات
Customer service that is second to none. Excellent steak. The staff is extremely courteous and knowledgeable. Wayne and Abel were extremely courteous and professional in their treatment of us. They recommended the best main course options. We were also treated with kindness by the manager.-such a lovely lady! Everything about my birthday dinner was perfect. We felt comfortable because the restaurant strictly follows Covid-19 guidelines. I highly recommend Hunters Room Grill. I will definitely be come back again.المزيد من منتجات
My first time at the westin and am absolutely impressed. Great Ambience , lovely staff, good food and excellent service.We had dinner for my sister’s birthday and had the best experience . The service was timely , our servers Wayne and Abel were very welcoming and knowledgeable about the menu being our first time they took us through the menu and gave us great recommendations. The porters steak was scrumptous. The manager, such a lovely lady, made sure we were ok . Thanks guys ( the team was amazing from the hostess to the bartender) for making my sister’s birthday memorable .Highly recommend and hope to visit soon ( after the lockdown 🙃).المزيد من منتجات
Excellent food, management and service by Wayne &.Abel We eat Cote de Boeuf Angust, preparation and test was amazing See you next timeالمزيد من منتجات
On Monday April 5, 2021 my husband and I decided to order takeaway from Hunters. Now I have been raving about the food for months and we were eager to try it however with new COVID restrictions we wanted takeaway so we can eat in the safety of our home. We spoke with Aliya the receptionist who stated that IN ORDER TO ORDER TAKE AWAY, WE HAVE TO COME INTO THE RESTAURANT! Now, this was a bit absurd as we are ordering to go and she said it's a new policy. I asked since when given I have ordered take away from there serval times before. She said it was recent. So after being FORCED to come in and order, the restaurant was completely empty. We spoke to manager Beth who stated that preciously people have ordered and not come to pick up their food. I said so why should people who frequent the restaurant and are loyal be penalized for those few persons? She had no answers and simply stated that we must wait for our food and there is no additional compensation for driving there AND NOW HAVING TO WAIT FOR OUR TAKE AWAY! To make matters worst the fish was old and unsatisfying. I would not recommend this place for takeaway ever.المزيد من منتجات