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KidZania® is an award-winning children’s ‘edutainment’ concept, located on the 2nd level of The Dubai Mall. It provides a safe, unique and very realistic educational environment that allows kids to do what comes naturally to them—role-playing by mimicking activities normally done by adults ... More

2nd Level, Cinema Parking
Downtown Dubai
+971 4 448 5222

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Economy admission (3offers)

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Recent Reviews
The kidzania staff are nice,especially the one girl in the chocolate factory. My nephew say she's nice but the girl in the cleaning staff with short hair is not really, saying no videos allowed. But all in all it's still a nice place for kids. All the activities are interactive.More
The idea of KidZania where kids can learn many about adults job activities is great, but the application here is very poor. First, the ticket pricing is by far overrated, and it’s not inline with activities the kids practice inside. The place is clearly lacking the guidance, especially for those first time to visit (both kids-and their parents). Sounds are very noisy, in a matter it become scary for the little visitors. At the time all ages are welcomed, kids less than 6 years will have hard time there,so father have young kids, please don’t waste your time-and money. Also, I find there is no any means for the parents to pay this huge amount for tickets, while in practice, they don’t do any rather than keeps chasing their kids, it’s unfair ticking policy. Last, the facility is clearly outdated, needs renovation. Management to try at least once the toilets there. More
My Daughter wife and I have been traveling all summer and when we saw KidZania my daughter wanted too check it out. We dropped her off and she had an amazing time. Safety is very high. she spent 6 hours and I think she could have spent longer. I would recommend it for any kids from anywhere in the world!More
I’ve visited Kidzania in Dubai over the years and this visit was by far my worst. Upon payment of our tickets the lady warned us that there was a school trip inside the venue. I accepted this thinking no more of it- expecting an organised school trip as we have in England. Sadly this was not the case- the children were rude, pushing, running and laughing in the face of staff who attempted to control their behaviour and manners. A teacher was nowhere in sight as these children ran around doing exactly as they pleased. They ran at dangerous speeds nearly knocking over very small children. Staff working at Kidzania clearly do not have the training to deal with these kind of situations nor the patience. In fact most of the Kidzania staff do not seem to even like children. Staffs lack of direction causes confusion for children and families. My child’s education must be far superior as he behaved impeccably using his manners where appropriate as did other children not with the school group. I run a nursery here in the UK and my children are aged between 4 months- 4 years. When we take them out I am proud of them. This was an accident waiting to happen. These unruly children ruined my sons experience of Kidzania and we will never return if we come back to Dubai. The wait times are far too long for each activity and we did not come at a busy peak time. Such a shame as the Kidzania concept is such a good one!More
Such a fun and educational place for kids! This is the true essence of learning through play. It teaches kids independence, responsibility and decision making skills. The only negative I would say is the variety of food. There is only Mac Donald’s and Pizza Express. There is a lovely parents lounge. There is free WiFi and plug sockets. If you’re gonna allow the children to adventure on their own, be sure to take something to do. Make sure you park in the Cinema Car park and on the 7th level for easier access to Kidzania More