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Tamba is a breathtakingly exquisite venue representing a skilful juxtaposition of innovation and tradition with its sleek loft-style interior, floor-to-ceiling windows, exposed tandoor ovens and extensive copper bells. Tamba’s menu ensures that the dishes are the stars of the show, tantalising ... More

The Hub, 6th Level
Al Markaziyah
+971 2 672 8888

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    Al Markaziyah


Recent Reviews
All I can say is that it's one the best Indian restaurant in UAE so do visit tamba where you get an amazing food and excellent serviceMore
After hearing rave reviews from a friend of mine,I decided to accompany him on a business lunch to this gorgeous restaurant. The food was prepared to perfection and the portion size was just right! The food at Tamba is a beautiful fusion of global flavors!I especially enjoyed the choice of desserts; Sticky Pudding was to die for!A special shout out to Prerna, Mustapha, Satya, Shaam & Raj for their impeccable service and hospitality!More
I've been to Tamba on 3 occasions now and while the food has not disappointed, I never really left feeling completely content because of the below experience/reasons: - While their staff are very nice and polite, be warned that they really do know how to sell stuff on the menu! We had gone during the happy hours and ordered one cocktail which I believe was priced at AED 25 but the waiter told us that if we ordered another cocktail we could get an appetiser with it. So we assumed it would cost us AED 50 for 2 cocktails with an appetizer...but turns out at the end we were billed AED 99 as the offer was actually 2 cocktails + an appetizer for AED 99. Had we known that this is a combo offer we would not have ordered the extra cocktail thinking that was all we needed to do if it meant we could get the appetizer. - For Diwali a few months ago, a friend called Tamba to make a reservation and while he specifically asked if they had any diwali special lunch options the team confirmed that they did but when we went there we were shown the culinary journey which is part of their regular offering. Yes they did get a sparkling candle and wished us Happy Diwali but this was not what we had in mind and what we had inquired about in the first place. - Lastly, I have always had an issue with their portions. At AED 112 you would expect the billionaire biryani to be sufficient for at least 3 people but we were told that it serves 2 and was surprised when it actually arrived because it really was sufficient for just one adult and maybe a child. Then again all their portions are small which is fine but if your're in attendance with a bunch of heavy eaters get ready to order a lot more than you hoped for. So while I have no complaints regarding the quality of the food (which is actually very good) and while the ambience is unique (though for some people it might be too dark especially during evening hours), you might want to call or check and find out everything you need to know before you get there because otherwise you might leave with an underwhelming experience.More
Staff is very kind and friendly. We were delighted to have food here. They were humble and kind to talk to us. And when they came to know about our anniversary, we got a great surprise with a delicious dessert. It was memorable and time worthy to caome here........Please do visit here with family or as a couple...its worthyMore
When it comes to great food and celebrations, Tamba is often our first option and it rarely disappoints. This place is perfect for groups or a casual date night. As we went ahead with the culinary journey, everything from the starter to the dessert... the quality, uniqueness and taste was outstanding, This culinary experience might have been one of the best meals I have ever been served. In fact, by the end of the meal we were planning our next visit. Service was exceptional and very professional. Special thanks to Mr. Raj, Ms. Prerna, Mr. Shaan, Mr. Dhruv, Mr. Sunil, Mr. Satya. Highly recommend and will continue to visit.10/10.More