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Playmobil Fun Park

The PLAYMOBIL FunPark encompasses an indoor play area and a pirate-themed outdoor play area in a safe, friendly and stimulating environment. Children come into contact with all the classic PLAYMOBIL toys in areas such as City Life, Rescue, Pirates, Police, Knights, Princess and Fairy Tale, allowing ... More

HF80, Industrial Estate
Hal Far
Playmobil Fun Park

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Malta 2020

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  • Hal Far

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Recent Reviews
This is not an all-day amusement park, but inexpensive, family play time for 2-8 year olds... On our recent trip to the beautiful island of Malta with our four grandchildren (and their parents) we needed a place to get out of the rain and let the children run wild after hours of touring. This was perfect. Enough room to play and explore, but still within an area we could keep our eyes on them. I strongly encourage you to put your phones away and sit down and build a 'masterpiece' with your children. There is also a great outdoor playground for sunny days. This is not Disney World, but a great, cheap couple hours of entertainment for families.More
Very good place for the family. The place is clean, safe the staff very friendly and the Cafferata is well managed. More
A pleasant and welcoming entrance. Friendly staff and reasonably priced entrance fee. Factory tour is no longer available which was a disappointment having read good reviews. Outdoor play area looked tired with no supervision allowing older children to monopolise equipment around younger children. Water play area was dirty, noted children were actually drinking from the water pump and even washing in the water troughs! Indoor play area very compelling although many of the items broken and needing replacement...unforgivable seeing as the factory is next door! Was short changed in the restaurant to the sum of €1.50, which was challenged. A pleasant half day, but expected more...much more. Please improve! More
Hours of fun for my 2 and 6 year old, safe clean equipment. Cheap entry. Nice cafe. We went with some locals who go there a lot, they say definitely the best play park in Malta More
Excellent for young children lots for them to do with a very good outside safe play area. It’s not to expensive and the food in the restaurant was good value. Staff were efficient and friendly. More