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Dai Pai Dong

Dai Pai Dong offers a casual dining experience inspired by the street food movement with modern interpretations of classic Chinese dishes. This authentic Chinese restaurant celebrates honest Cantonese cuisine and is a must-visit. Guests can relish delicacies such as home-made noodles and dim sum, as ... More

Dai Pai Dong

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Gourmet Abu Dhabi

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Main course (2 offers)

  • AED 118 Estimated savings
  • Valid until 25th Jan 2023

Weekend Yum Cha brunch (1 offer)

  • AED 298 Estimated savings
  • Valid until 25th Jan 2023

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  • Estimated savings AED 118


  • Estimated savings AED 298

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  • Rosewood Abu Dhabi


Recent Reviews
Staff is professional and very welcoming. Food is of high quality compared to most other asian style restaurants. Special note for our server Nayan, he was very attentive to our needs and very kind. Definitely we will return for the weekend brunch.More
The Friday night hot pot used to be table serving but now it’s buffet where you have to go outside the restaurant to get your food To me, all the good vibes are gone. We won’t be backMore
We went for all you can eat dimsum lunch as it was highly recommended by a friend, food selection was great and staffs were professional. We were served by Erica and she was proactive and consistent with her follow ups. Good job.More
I always want to try this Chinese Cuisine Fine Dining in Rosewood. If you have a car, it is fancy to have valet parking free if you dine out or stay at their place. Ofcourse, it is weekend so we have to book for a reservation beforehand for I know they are very busy in weekends for their Yum Cha weekend deals. When you go inside the restaurant, you will say how aesthetic it would be from every corners. The staff is undoubtely friendly and helpful with all your needs especially Ms. Manila- She is quite a darling to interact with and how she handles our orders. You can ask all your food to be serve one at a time or all at the same time. All staff says we can order again if we want any in the Yum Cha food selections just ask them whenever we want too. We start with the drinks (where you can choose non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverages package) with a must try of the flowerberry iced tea and their hot jasmine tea, appetizer, starters(highly recommended is the beef salad and crispy squid with five spice salt) very refreshing and then we have soup. Also, we try their dim sum I like all of them even without sauce you will like them because their umami is very legit. You will feel the most of the experience when they walk the cart full of dim sums and you will just ask on the side what dim sum would you like to try again (highly recommended is the chicken and shrimp Siu mai, beef short ribs, steamed shrimp in coriander dumpling, crispy shrimp wanton and pumpkin cake). They have their so called main course with yangzhou fried rice and wok-fried spicy chicken and seafood but definitely we have different taste that fits us so for me the main course is the pork, canton roasted duck, the chef cooks right in front to some dining areas, hot pot station (very fancy because they make it personalized how you like it to be and they will serve right on your table) and dessert. So, I want to finish this review with my favorite in Dai Pai Dong- Crispy Squid, Beef Salad with crispy wanton toppings, Crispy Shrimp Wanton, Beef Short Ribs, Chicken and Siu Mai, Honey roasted pork spare ribs, Pan-fried pork sticker, Hongkong Egg Tart that oozing juice every bite with lovely flakiness and Mango Pudding. Thank you for the fancy experience and surely will recommend to our family and friends to try again together with them.More
Had a fantastic experience in this restaurant, service very friendly and professional, dim sum was fantastic, also the rest of the food was delicious, can recommend the honey glazed ribs and the crispy duck salad! Definitely to recommend!More