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KidZania® is an award-winning children’s ‘edutainment’ concept, located on the 2nd level of The Dubai Mall. It provides a safe, unique and very realistic educational environment that allows kids to do what comes naturally to them—role-playing by mimicking activities normally done by adults ... More

2nd Level, Cinema Parking
+971 4 448 5222

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  • Valid until 31st Dec 2022

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  • The Dubai Mall


Recent Reviews
My child came out in tears after staff were rude and asked if things like ‘what was wrong with him?’. This was our last night in Dubai and ruined what was otherwise an amazing trip. Staff shouldn’t be able to speak like that to the children. Paid for the premium pass for two children and ones stamp rubbed off so a staff member argued he was lying when his brother quite clearly had a stamp. No check to see what happened to it. One of the reasons I paid for a premium pass was to use the obstacle course and again they were told they couldn’t use it as they didn’t have socks, there was no mention of socks at payment. So disappointed and ruined a lasting memory with two upset children on our last nightMore
The best interactive destination for my toddler! Every time feels like the first time! He looks forward to his visit there, engaging, full of fun even for myself as an adult.More
We only did a total of four experiences in a total of 3 hours because of all the waiting. My 8 and 5 year old were very patient, but my husband and I felt very sorry for them queuing so long. We missed a lot of the attractions within it because they were simply exhausted by the waiting. I really think they need to review how the experience flows and to ditch the concept of them earning money…this takes so much time putting every child's card through and the kids aren’t really bothered by it. In wouldn’t recommend kidzania, you will leave feeling ripped off and frustrated!More
A great idea very badly conceived.. It’s very expensive (195 AED for 5y old, 110 AED for 2y old, 80 AED each parent for a total of 465 AED = 120€). You have to wait a ton of time for each activity (“work” for the kids) while most of them are really boring for them and tiring for the parents who follow up like donkeys. The police for example is only walking with a supervisor and shouting “I am the police”. The juice factory is taking a bottle and delivering it to the other end of the place to have someone tell the kid “thank you you can get back”. The good activities like firefighter have more than 40 mins waiting and you finally give up. With the “salary” the kids got from the work you get to a shop to discover that 3h of activity barely worth a China-made plastic whistle which got broken 10 mins after.. There is absolutely nothing éducative for the kids, barely fun, mostly frustration. A real shame and money very badly spentMore
Kids live the activities. Staff are so friendly. Missing the pizza activity and milkshake. Good for 3 year olds they can do shopping work in the hotel clean windows ride on the ambulance and many other activities. Always looking forward to coming backMore