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Zaatar W Zeit - Riyadh

Sharing the staple of Lebanese street food stamped with love is not only what we stand for, it is mostly about bringing people together and capturing those heartfelt moments every time more than anything, we know that overcoming differences and feeling included for who you are is priceless ... More
Cordoba Centre, Said Bin Zayd Road
+966 11 415 1876
Zaatar W Zeit - Riyadh

Redeemable at :

  • Acacia Centre, Al Ghadeer

    Al Ghadeer

  • Al Maather Square

    Al Maazer

  • Al Wadi Plaza


  • Al Waha Plaza

    Al Waha District

  • Cordoba Centre, Qurtubah


  • Rekal Plaza

    Al Yasmin

  • Tahlia Mall

    Al Sulimaniyah