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Penny University

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Penny University is an artisanal café born from a love of coffee and inspired by the coffee culture of London and San Francisco. They source their speciality beans from local roasters and aim to be a haven for people of the East Coast and beyond. They serve all-day breakfast, a rotating selection ... More

402 East Coast Road
East Coast
+65 6345 9055
Penny University

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Recent Reviews
I wld like to share my experience dining at Penny for breakfast. We came at around 8:10am. The cafe was relatively empty. We were given a 2 seater table and was served not long after. A few minutes went by, and we realised that our table was underneath the aircon and it was too cold for our comfort. I called the waitress and requested to be seated at the 4 seater booth which was away from the aircon. She went to check with the supervisor (a guy in red t-shirt) and informed us that they were expecting a large crowd and therefore could not accommodate to our request. We were then moved to another 2 seater which was presumably less cold. Disappointingly, there was an expat couple who was allowed to seat at the 4 seater booth. Why were they seated there in the first place when apparently the concern was that a crowd was expected? For your information, we came later than the said couple and left much earlier than them. During the period we were there, the cafe remained quite empty. The supervisor could have managed the request better by allowing us to sit where we felt more comfortable while the cafe was still empty. He could have also compromised with us to occupy the seat for not more than 45mins. We have had such arrangements at other establishments. We were at Penny for less than 45mins. This caused us to have a negative start to our day at Penny. This made us observe the overall behaviours of the staff. We noticed that the supervisor was over-pleasing certain customers but was not even acknowledging our presence since we entered the cafe. Considering the cafe had less than 8 customers during that period. As a supervisor, we felt that he had his preferences which should not be the case. All customers should be treated the same regardless of their nationality or regularity. We hope Penny could address this with him and improve his decision making and PR skills. This can only benefit Penny in the long run. Nonetheless, the food was great, the waitress was attentive and the cashier was pleasant. She even attempted to make small talk with us at the end but we were already not in the mood for it. We left the cafe feeling appalled at the double standards we experienced that day. We wrote them an email but did not get any reply at all. We have been patronising Penny for several years but no longer support them.More
Review for DINNER: The variety of food for dinner is quite limited. We ordered Pesto Chicken Fusilli, Duck Ragout, and Truffle fries. Pesto chicken fusilli: The fusilli is a bit soggy and not at all al-dente. I cannot even use my fork to twist the pasta as the pasta would simply break.. For the sauce, there wasn't much of pesto taste at all and it was quite greasy. Chicken was quite cooked and flavorful though. All in all, it was bad and I couldn't finish.. Duck Ragout: The duck was soft and the sauce is quite flavorful but a tad too salty for my liking. Similar to the pesto chicken fusilli, this pasta was not at all al-dente and I didn't quite enjoy the texture. But this is better than the pesto chicken fusilli Truffle nori fries: I could taste the truffle for the first few bites but the taste was very mild after the first few fries. Also, the fries was toooo salty. The salt sprinkled was probably coarse salt and this made some fries even more salty than the already very salty fries. The nori sprinkled on top was almost tasteless (and honestly a bit pointless because I couldn't taste anything) and probably just to make it look better. Some of the fries were crispy but some were soggy. Overall, too salty, quite soggy, lack truffle taste, and pointless nori. Service was good as the servers were friendly and efficient, and food was served quite promptly. Place is quite chill and quiet. Price was alright too but the food was disappointing. Food: 2/10 Service: 10/10 Ambience: 8/10More
The service is super poor!!! Firstly the staff informed us we have 1 hr to sit and stay inside the restaurant but our orders was delay its took about 30mins to serve us at the table!!! We have ordered food for egg benedic & mac cheese and after finished our food which is took only 15-20 minutes and we would like to ordered Dessert after but the staff was chasing away by told us as customers to finished all the dessert which will be serving in 8mins so if we could not finish the dessert within 10 minutes we will need to take away back!!!! so that staff could give away the table to the next guests if you want us to leave on time as what you are expecting you should not delaying all the food, we understand of the next customer are waiting and we sure that we are not spend so much time to sitting in the restaurant we also considering of the next customer waiting and we have our important things to do next as well. No apology given from all the staff, Super arrogant and they don’t care about customers as well as the money that the restaurant could earn from Customer’s food ordering...It’s seem like they only care about their loads of work and they just ignore what the customer requested.More
Along East Coast Road. Car parks a challenge as it’s limited and jostling with the prawn noodle shop patrons . Small shop, packed , queue, slow to take order . The coffees good , cakes ( pandan ) is good and the breakfast isn’t bad either . The ambience is rustic but a little too small for the bulky tables they have. Good to try once and if you’re not staying in the East , either take a cab/ grab or bus as it’s more convenient. Else , double park and hope the year of the Ox will not invite summons . 🤭More
There's something country and plenty hip about this very popular cafe along Upper East Coast Road. Invited by a friend whose favourite hangout it is, he got the 11.45am slot and a cosy table for three. We were served by a lovely young lady, Reka if I recall correctly who was so helpful and obliging. She patiently explained the items to us and was ready to customize as I wanted my eggs benedict and salmon with a larger helping of green salad. We also ordered the breakfast set with oatmeal and sausage, all came with thick slices of bread, beautifully toasted to a dark, crunchy color. The coffee was the highlight, strong and aromatic. The food is halal Western and attracts the young hip crowd armed with laptop and smartphones but also coffee addicts and cake and dessert lovers as we spied tempting baked goods at the counter. Hearty fare,fairly expensive but that's the going rate at most cafes these days.More