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Cabana is committed to serving premium quality açaí products made from authentic açaí pulp imported from Brazil. Widely hailed as a top superfood, açaí berries are only grown in the Amazonian rainforests and contain nearly ten times more antioxidants than grapes and two times more than blueberries. They are also rich in fibre, calcium, Vitamin A, amino acids and omega fatty acids. Come on over to our Publika outlet, relax and enjoy our nutrient-dense indulgences!
Signature Bowl

Signature Bowl

Shinjuku is inspired by the famous Shinjuku garden and train station in Japan. As an iconic destination, our Shinjuku restaurant serves all the famous dishes Japan has to offer including sushi, donburi, ramen and teppanyaki. All products are freshly sourced from Japan without the presence of colourings, preservatives and added MSG.


Breakout is the first character-based, real escape game operator in the world. Each escape room is designed to have its own storyline, mind-boggling puzzle, tasks and stratagems that have to be completed within 45 minutes. Players will be locked inside and they will start with different scenarios such as being handcuffed, trapped or even caged based on the storyline. They will need to use their wits, skills and teamwork to solve the puzzles and breakout from the rooms using the clues given.


The Angry Birds Activity Park offers an exciting range of attractions to entertain and engage visitors of all ages. Kids can play interactive games using movement and sound at the Red Bird Sona electronic playground or test their speed and reaction in the Lazer Maze Spaceship. There’s also the Classic Tower Play, a six-meter tall tower structure that allows you to bounce with your friends and family on anti-gravity trampolines. Attractions include Panna Soccer, Red Bird Goal, Air Parkour Track,
30% Off Two Tickets in Same Category

30% Off Two Tickets in Same Category

Angry Birds Activity Park
Laser Battle is the largest laser tag chain in Southeast Asia with branches in all the major cities of Malaysia. If you are going to play laser tag, Laser Battle offers features that no other laser tag centre has! You will never feel bored with more than 40 different multi and single player game modes ranging from standard to advanced. Experience the real laser tag mode when you play at Laser Battle with a highly visible laser beam!
Game Session

Game Session

Laser Battle
Bubble Gum Wax - The Waxing Expert™ was established in 2011, aiming to provide the best quality waxing & hair removal services in the most comfortable and relaxing environment. The team is made up of trained & qualified therapists with years of experience. Feel refreshed and pampered with full-service waxing from head to toe for both men & women! Waxing is their expertise, listening and finding a solution for you, catering to all your hairy needs.
50% Off IPL Treatment

50% Off IPL Treatment

Bubble Gum Wax
sweatspa™ is a one of its kind wellness centre, using high-grade Full Spectrum Infrared therapy, one of the most effective ways to detoxify the body of toxic chemicals, heavy metals and excess fat. You’ll be lulled into relaxation with soothing sounds and the warmth of infrared rays that provide detoxification benefits to achieve health, beauty and vitality. sweatspa™ trusts wellness and vitality are important to everyone, regardless of their situation in life.
50% Off Infrared Foot Spa Session

50% Off Infrared Foot Spa Session


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