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Pizza Hut opened its first branch in Oman in 1988. From a single restaurant in Muscat, it has spread across the whole of the country and today has 39 restaurants in Muscat alone. Pizza Hut Oman is the four-time winner of the Oman Restaurant Award and is the best place to go for a cosy dinner or fun with friends and family.
Small Pan Pizza

Small Pan Pizza

Pizza Hut - Oman
Lazer Runner is located in a 2,000 square foot facility on the first level of Panorama Mall. It’s based on a battle zone featuring combat-style tire walls, black lighting, blaring music and artificial fog aimed at confusing your vision and making the objective of tagging opponents a challenge. Lazer Runner is a pure adrenaline rush and up to 12 combatants in glowing vests with laser guns can play simultaneously.
Two Games of Laser Tag

Two Games of Laser Tag

Lazer Runner

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