My flight being late for more couple hours. So if i could ve checked late , if yiu dont mind

I would make my kids get into the pool and when the do that I usually request for late checkout


I need to stay longer ‘coz I’m upset… I was so shAngri! La’ying on the bed, being bugged to pack up. It’s just so hard to Villingili stand up, pack and leave this amazing place. How can I get myself detached froM-al-dives?!!! So please. #seewhatididthere

A chance to wash and iron all of the bed linen and to clean the hotel room

I would sleep very still in my bed for the longest time possible so there would be no messy room for the housekeepers!

But it's 11 o'clock somewhere in the world right now? #vacationtime

Shower everyone with compliments and rave about the hotel. Tell them how much I loved spending my honeymoon there and are considering coming back, then slide in how our flights have been rescheduled for later that night and ask if their is any possibility that we can have a later...

ask nicely

Getting ready for daughter's wedding, need a later checkout

tell the truth

My husband fell asleep at the spa, he only just woke up and the kids don’t wanna leave the kids club! Can I check out a little later pleaaaasseee

Flight is delayed

I will tell them honestly why i need a late check out

Oh no! I've had the best late breakfast at your coffee house and now I need an extra few hours to digest everything please!

I would lay in the bed and watch a nice movie.

You see making excuses I don’t know if it’s needed? As I’ve asked for late check-out and often succeeded And I find the hotel where it can just agrees When you ask at reception and are sure to say please!

Breakfast in bed after being up all night swimming....

First honeymoon stay and want to name my baby as my Maldives, Villingili.

Will put don’t disturb on door and remove phone wire