'Front desk? Room service is here to clean the room, so unfortunately I cannot check out right now, he will check out on my behalf once services are rendered to satisfaction!'...

I've got a surprise proposal planned but I really need a late check out for it to be a success. How about you grant me that favour as a gift of good luck? A girl needs all the luck she can get so she can go home with her (hopefully) fiance! *wink*

I always ask for a late check out, and my reason is that in every travel I tour the city/country and have activities all day, and I keep the hotel facilities and relaxing by the pool for my last day in my stay..that’s how I get the most of my trip.

I would sing in front of everyone mariah careys sond "hero"

As a Mom with an active toddler companion, late checkout enables you to completely enjoy a buffet breakfast, good playing time atbthe pool and the needed nap time.



I was enjoying the facilities and night life in the hotel, me and my wife, celebrating my wife’s birthday until early morning, which casued us not to have enough sleep. Please kindly consider granting us a late-check out if possible.


Enjoying the bathtub!

I always use - "We are celebrating our Anniversary, we would like to stay a bit longer in the hotel as the facilities and service experience are amazing".

I would sing a song!

I didn't realize that I hadn't changed my watch time, thought I had extra few hours to enjoy my holiday! Whoops! Its a South Africa; Cape Town thing ;)

We need a late check out because : Apologies Maldivians. We need some more time. The seafood is calling. Goes well with white wine. Another swim in the blue we just have to do. So keep our room open and God Bless You!

relax and tour the city.

Last night, I made a discovery. I found out my brother-in-law is a chronic snorer. Luckily for him, he had the entire bed to himself. Unfortunately for me, I will need a late check out. You will understand

Pretend that i am on my period and im suffering from dymenorrhea ! I cant leave the room until I am okay! They will give a late check in for two reasons : the pain and the craziness of a woman while she is on her period !

My wife just broke the news to me that she is pregnant, we have to celebrate it by staying on till after lunch.

I've lost my passport, and had to contact the embassy. They will be contacting me soon to sort things out. Therefore, I will be requesting to check-out late, if things needed to be delayed I will be extending my stay.

My alarm clock was on my home time zone