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Welcome to 25 Degrees North, the house for North Indian cuisine, inspired by the home-style cooking of roadside eateries along plains of Northern India, serving authentic North Indian kebabs, biryanis and curries in a fine dining ambience. The unconventional name "25 Degrees North" has been derived Read More

Damac Executive Heights Tower, Ground Level
Barsha Heights
+971 4 452 7779

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Recent Reviews
Ok so it’s started like we order for 3 business lunch.. 1:15 I place the order and 2:20 I receive my orders like honestly guys what do you think to call it as business lunch like common speed up your gears and have more staff in Kitchen and floor if you know every day is busy like this... and food was average apart from biryani... 1 hour 30 minutes for food ??? Joking right !!! Read more
Just 3 families were dining when we arrived. The ambience was great & service excellent. The Palak Patta Chaat & Bhindi Kurkure for starters were nice too. The expectations shattered when the main course arrived. The Malai Kofta and Mushroom curry looked & tasted the same. The koftas in the malai kofta were hard & not cooked well. Most reviews were outstanding about the food but we did not see anything special, rather it was bad. The building has parking facility but due to street repair work going on in the area, it was quite a task to find the entry point & we finally parked the car a bit away from the building.Read more
Completely stumbled across this place to get an Indian fix and may have just found our favorite Indian in Dubai. The delivery comes in what looks like a pizza box which at first seemed strange until you realize that the Dum Pukht Mutton Biryani (Lamb Biryani) actually arrives in a terracotta bowl! Really? Wow. So presentation aside was it any good? Yes. It was actually excellent and quite possibly the best Biryani we've had in a long while. Perfectly balanced, soft fluffy rice, melt in the mouth lamb, nice raita.....it was great. Murgh Kohlapuri (Chicken Kohlapuri) is one of my go to items and this one didn't disappoint, initially it looked liked it was going to be an oily mess but thankfully it wasn't. It had a great depth of flavor and both of these items were a nice portion size too. Of course you need some sort of bread to go with this little lot, so a Cheese Naan was also there which was very, very good. While not the cheapest Indian delivery around, it must be said it is worth paying the extra because on this occasion the food was truly outstanding!Read more
Located in Damac executive towers (Dubai internetcity is the closest metro station), an authentic Indian restaurant with great hospitality and amazing food is embedded. Our host was Virendra, who was really helpful and explained everything really well. As soon as we sat, they served the 'Papad' and 'Chaach'(buttermilk); the buttermilk is served in a small cute glass (they do change their complimentary drinks everyday) Rate: 3.5/5 The chutneys served were pineapple, mint, sweet tamarind and pickle. I loved the pineapple chutney the most, it had spices, the sweetness and sourness of pineapple. 'Dahi Baray': it was soft, sour, a little spicy and totally delicious. The green and red chutney slightly decorated on top enhances the dish, its definitely an Indian authenticity presented to crave for more. Rate: 4/5 (The above items are served complimentary so there is no price placed) 'Palak Patta Chaat': it was super crispy, crunchy, with yogurt, green chutney, and sweet tamarind poured on it and lastly the 'sev' sprinkled on top. This is a must try! Rate: 4.5/5 [AED 25] Drinks~ 'Jaljeera': this a very "masala filled" drink. Its more towards the sour end, you can definitely taste the cumin and mint and it's topped with boondi. Really refreshing! [AED 16] Rate: 5/5 'Mango lassi': thick sweet lassi with a twist of mango. Fruitilicous! [AED 17] Rate: 4/5 'Lassi Manpasad': the traditional thick yogurt shake (you can pick between sweet or salted lassi) [AED 17] Rate: 3/5 Kebabs~ Served on our table was the vegetarian and non vegetarian Kebab platters. Vegetarian platter consists of: Dahi ke Kebab: this Kebab was different than any other I have tried. The base was a nicely toasted bread (almost like a baguette) with a yogurt spices mixture on top. It's really filling and gives a very yogurty buttery kind of taste, a good savory dish. [AED 34] Rate: 3.5/5 Paneer Makhmali Seekh Kebab: the paneer had a lot of taste in it, well marinated and well cooked. You can really taste that it's cooked over the charcoal. [AED 34] Rate: 4/5 Note: the whole vegetarian platter is for [AED 65] it can be ordered individually as well. The Non vegetarian platter: Murgh Banjara Kebab (chicken): very tender chicken marinated in a spicy batter, really soft and juicy. [AED 35] Rate: 4/5 Malai Kebab (chicken): Melts in the mouth! Cheese infused, soft and grilled so well. [AED 35] Rate: 4.5/5 Mutton Seekh Kebab: marinated mutton Kebab with herbs and spices, soft and tender, more towards the spicy end. [AED 37] Rate: 4/5 Tandoori lamb chops: the flavor and spices could be tasted in every bite, cooked very well and it's more towards the spicy end. Much recommended. [AED 55] Rate: 5/5 Ajwani Fish tikka: it has the aroma and flavor of carom seeds. Again very, very soft and juicy. It's a mild tikka. [AED 55] Rate: 4/5 Jhinga Mehrunnissa: well marinated prawns, grilled to perfection. A little to the spicy end. [AED 65] Rate: 4/5 Note: the whole non vegetarian platter is for [AED 79] (consists of chicken, mutton, fish and prawns) Curries~ 'Dum Nariali Prawns': I loved this dish! It's their speciality and definitely a winner. It's marinated prawns dum cooked in spices and coconut milk served in a young coconut sealed shut. In every bite you can definitely taste the flavor of coconut, curry leaves and spices. It's more towards the sweet end, really delicious and flavorful. [AED 59] Rate: 5/5 'Nalli Rogan Josh': mutton with bone cooked with tomatoes, chilies, fried onion and masala. It looks like 'Paya' but the flavor is quite different. More towards the spicy end. [AED 42] Rate: 3/5 'Murgh Kholapuri': a very aromatic, south western Indian chicken curry, more towards the spicy end. [AED 39] Rate: 3.5/5 Rice and breads~ 'Dum Pukht Chicken Biryani': the 'Handi' (mud pot) was sealed shut with the dough and as soon as it was opened the wonderful aroma uplifted. The chicken had all the flavor in it, the rice were cooked well and separately. [AED 44] Rate: 3.5/5 'Bread Basket': this basket had tandoori roti, plain naan, butter naan, garlic naan and roomali roti, all made warm and fresh. All of them were equally mouth watering but I loved the garlic and butter naan. [AED 29] Rate: 4/5 Dessert~ In love with this platter! It's called the 'Dessert Sampler' [AED 52], it has small portions of all the desserts in the menu. I will be placing the price individually below for all the desserts in the platter. 'Shahi Tukda': buttery, fried bread soaked in syrup of cream, milk, sugar and topped with nuts. Yumm! [AED 22] Rate: 3.5/5 'Gulab Jamun': The best and cutest ones I have had! You can taste the milkiness in the Jamun (milk balls which are deep fried). Simple and delicious. [AED 20] Rate: 5/5 'Firni': this rice pudding definitely had cardamom and saffron, and it was presented beautifully in the pot but it didn't have enough sugar atleast of how a rice pudding should have. [AED 19] Rate: 2.5/5 'Kulfi': This had infused orange flavor with bits of oranges which is very unique. [AED 19] Rate: 3.5/5 'Rasmalai': love this one too! So creamy, soft, saffron and nuts bought out the flavor even more. [AED 20] Rate: 4.5/5 The live kitchen is the center of attention here, where you can see your food being prepared so deliciously, the staff is friendly and there is parking space. They deliver across Dubai. Read more
we wanted a family get to gether as we were on short visit to dubai. we surfed and found this one 25 degree north. amazing name is'nt it? I liked the name of restaurant. soon we all gathered and the party started to flow. with complimentry juice starter wwe ordered pakoda and mushrooms. they were tasty. in the main course we had dal makhani bread basket containing various chappatis we had dum aalo panner tikka lastly we had rice and dal topped with lovely butter milk. and it followed with gulab jamun with icecream. its worth visit. ambiance is goodRead more

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