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Absurd Bird

Bringing the soul-warming comfort food of the American south to London and beyond! We promise honest grub, good value and a twisted take on southern classics. The ambience is eclectic, unexpected, improvisational, modern yet nostalgic, sophisticated yet humble and comfortable yet innovative. What’ Read More

25 Peter Street, W1F 0AH
+44 203 198 8444
[email protected]

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Recent Reviews
Went for lunch. Mostly full of students from the look of it. The menu is chicken in various forms, but there are vegan options. The service was fairly slow and the cardinal sin of 3 meals arriving and one waiting for ages was committed. This is always a basic test of how a restaurant treats its customers. Food tasted good. That said its chicken and chips so you hope it would do. Overall you can do worse but i would not make a special trip.Read more
We went here on a Thursday lunch time for a birthday meal as we were in London for the day and my husband loves all things American when it comes to food. I found it when I was searching on taste card as you can use it day time (didn't check for evening) during the week. The place is small, so of you are going at a busy time make sure you book. To start we had Mac and cheese balls with Cheeto crumbs and chicken tenders. Then I had chicken, waffles and cheese sauce and my husband had chicken, bacon and peanut butter. The food is amazing!! We also followed on with pudding (that we didn't need!) Make sure you wear stretchy trousers !!! Service is added onto the bill automatically. If we hadn't of had taste card, I would say this is pricey for what it is. With taste card discount made it better value for moneyRead more
Not the most spacious or aesthetically-pleasing restaurant although my friend and I were lucky enough to be seated downstairs in the slightly nicer bar area with dim lighting and music. This gave it club vibes to me but it was quite a nice venue for a weekday evening out (definitely wouldn't choose this for a romantic dinner!) To be fair to them, the service was great and our waiter was really attentive and very friendly. I ordered 4 XL chicken wings with Hickory smoky BBQ sauce and they were quite honestly delicious. The sauce was so sweet and salty, of course I got it everywhere but that made it more fun (again, wouldn't advise this for a first date!) They were substantial and with a portion of chips definitely filled me up. Slight bummer that the ceiling was dripping on me throughout the whole meal as they had a leak and kept stuffing tissue into the ceiling. Fortunately I was too full of BBQ sauce sugar by then to pay much attention.Read more
We booked over a week ago for Saturday night and instead of being downstairs in the lovely dimly lit dining area they decided we would be seated in the take away area by the door (my friend couldn’t even take her jacket off it was so cold, who wants to sit in their jacket all evening?) with delivery drivers coming in and out, queueing customers and chefs! In the bright lights. Booked for a Saturday night meal/drinks out and got plonked in a take away, might as well have gone to chicken cottage. Safe to say after the man seating people refused to allow us to wait to go downstairs and told us that it was about maximum seating, we left. Central London Saturday night with no table booked was a nightmare but anything was better than what they were offering. I’ll wait for you to reply to me on instagram.Read more
We didn’t book before we got there but we were still able to be seated. The staff were so friendly especially Mantas who even managed to correctly guess the cocktail I wanted before I ordered it. After ordering our food took about 15 mins to come with our cocktails, which was really good considering the restaurant was full. We also ordered shots which were huge and the atmosphere is nice so I will defo be coming back.Read more