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Al Nakheel

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In the heart of Grand Hyatt Dubai’s lobby, the elegant Al Nakheel Lounge is a prime gathering spot for hotel guests and visitors. It serves high tea and continental breakfast along with a light menu, showcasing the best of Arabic flavours, delicious pastries and a variety of beverages ... More

Al Nakheel

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  • Grand Hyatt Dubai



Recent Reviews
This is a nice place where you can enjoy your coffee, relax, and hear the beautiful sound of the hotel fountain. Their prices are somewhat high but the service is great! More
Very special place unlike other hotels and very friendly staff. The garden makes you feel relaxed. Thank you More
Very nice lobby and the staff is all friendly.we enjoying sitting in the al nakheel lounge.we feel we are in home only with my Olympics team.thank you so much al nakheel team. Highly recommended More
A very clean and comfortable lounge. Very good choice of drinks. The was also good choice of refreshments. The seating was good and the cloakrooms within the lounge and clean.More
One of the restaurants in Grand Hyatt that serves decadent desserts is Al Nakheel Lounge, a 24 hour café known for its grand afternoon tea. Its a nice place to hang out if you want some quiet time by yourself or a catch up with friends. The place doesn’t say that you need to be quiet but when you get there, its so peaceful that you will be blended with the serenity of the place. We went inside the café and it took us 10-15 minutes before we can decide what to order. We chose Tiramisu and asked the lady to send it to our table. Check thetasteofgood. com al-nakheel-lounge-tiramisu-aed-40-00 for the full reviewMore