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Ananta welcomes diners on a gastronomic journey through the 28 states and 4,700 miles of Indian coastline. Dramatic with crimson furnishings and crisp white linen tables, Ananta is dominated by a magnificent show kitchen where guests can watch our master chefs handcraft Indian delicacies Read More

The Oberoi, Dubai
Ground Level
Business Bay
+971 4 444 1407
[email protected]

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Recent Reviews
For a treat or special occasion, this place rocks. Extremely tasty, innovative and superbly presented food matched with attentive, friendly service. Not cheap, but you get what you pay for here.Read more
Absolutely fab food. Lovely waiters that helped find my way around the Indian kitchen. Hope to be back!Read more
I do Suggest anybody who loves Indian food to try at least once here. U will enjoy for sure. The taste of Cheese Naan is fresh and very delicious. Butter chicken is very original. But not that much hot for non Indian people. The price is acceptable. The place is nice and calm. Staffs are super polite,helpful and warm. U can enjoy the time there. Read more
We had the privilege to eat at Ananta @ The Oberoi, Dubai on August 15th 2019. As Indian cuisine is my firm favourite, I was beyond excited to experience the perfect marriage of traditional and contemporary Indian cuisine-as promised by Ananta. We were not to be disappointed. Never before had we been indulged with such a consummate balance of innovation & excitement with fervent commitment to authenticity and provenance. Each dish felt like we were being endowed with what you would imagine as being a millennia worth of Indian teachings in process and preparation of food combined with the sophistication and imagination of a single individual: this individual is Head Chef Saneesh Varghese. Saneesh takes those celebrated Indian dishes we all adore and elevates them to considerable degrees of sophistication and competence. Once you actually swallow a given bite, the depths and congruence of flavours continue churning and developing in your mouth. The balance is undeniable-your palette is at once assaulted by this cacophony of flavours that are striking, exciting, yet beautifully congruent and balanced. This is surely the truest indication of authentic Indian cuisine: where heat ad spice is balanced in such an unmitigated manner. The result is a rounded, intoxicating marriage of the most considerately prepared spices. Every dish surpassed the next. My personal favourites were the deep fried lady fingers, aloo tikki and pea and mint samosa-each executed with a wondrous delicateness and lightness, a million miles from some of the ghee laden, heavy offerings I’ve endured in the past. I genuinely felt I could eat this food all night and still step away from the table light footed. Testament to the commitment to provenance already indicated, we had the opportunity to sample a series of traditional “street-food” dishes on our night at Ananta. These deliciously decadent offerings were matched with Indian produced wine pairings, further lending itself to our experience of authentic Indian cuisine. Each dish, each course was presented and curated so intelligently and interestingly by the restaurant staff, who kept us enthralled with their explanation of the ingredients and processes involved in the creation of these dishes. Their knowledge was so impressive and interesting to listen to, we genuinely felt privileged to experience the whole theatre that is Ananta. However, if it’s novelty, fad or spectacle you’re after, Ananta is not the place for you! From the moment you walk through its doors, you’ll be enveloped in a sense of old world refinery and decorum. The table linen and delph is so considered and majestic, you won’t be under any illusion other than that you have arrived in a world class restaurant that whilst reserved, is unapologetic in its reverence. A meal at Ananta is truly a memorable experience, and one that you will find it very hard to surpass.Read more
Recently we had a north indian thali here.... This place is wonderful . You can also order food of your choice. Read more