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Aventura Parks

Immerse yourself in nature and be part of a world filled with adventure and fun. Dubai's one-of-a-kind outdoor adventure park offers a wide range of thrilling challenges for all ages above six and fitness levels, from tree surfing and zip-lining to rope climbing and much more. At Aventura, the ... More

Mushrif Park
Al Khawaneej
+971 52 178 7616
Aventura Parks

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Recent Reviews
Loved the experience, I sent a lovely morning at Aventura Park with the rest of my colleagues for a team building Activity. Everyone was super friendly and helpfull specially Monica. I would completely recommend to go!More
Worth a visit in ten folds. Fun filled activities to do for kids and adults. An experience to put down in the books. Planning to visit again. Thank you also to Jibaba, Hamid & Victor for the Wonderful Hospitality and Welcoming throughout the visit. More
The whole experience was amazing but the best part was the bucket list something everyone needs to try out, and the best two people to do it with are EK and Dominic. So professional and so much fun to be with. Respect to both them! More
I must admit the place is very good and they have nice collection of different tracks with ziplines...I enjoyed there with thrilling and challenging adventures until I encountered a very bad experience in the last part of one of the zip lines. Not sure if it was because of the wind or bad landing technique, I had hit my right leg very hard to the rubber board and the impact was severe. I couldn't keep my leg down at all but one of the staff was saying there was no other way and I had to come down with the help of ladder only. So, I climbed down myself in great pain. My question is, if it was a big fracture, how can they expect the person to climb down the ladder. After my x-ray, I found that it was hairline fracture. Also, if the landing technique was bad, they should have focussed/stressed more on such important aspects during training because this is no joke and I can't walk normally for few weeks atleast. This can happen to anybody. The attention I have got after the incident was not good, they got icepack after we asking for first aid and till now no followup call from them on my condition. They should try to prevent such incidents going forward.More
Aventura is a unique spot in Dubai for kids to be active and have great fun! The place is divided into 6 six zones to differentiate between the difficulty levels. A short training is carried out before the kids start their adventure journey.....ziplines, climbing walls, flying bridges. It is also enjoyable for adults who would like such challenges. there's a cafe where one can have some rest with a bite or drink. Our only comment relates to the low number of staff to assist kids or participants in the different areas especially when the weather is nice and the park is crowded. This has resulted in some kids being stuck with no one to show them the way out which led to long ques waiting behind those kids. More