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Basilico welcomes you with Italian passion and culinary delights like delicious pizza, gourmet salads and home-made pasta. Choose from our inspired dishes such as the springbok, avocado, pine nuts and pecorino salad or the tempting slow-roasted lamb shank in a red wine reduction or the bacon, blue Read More

Reddam Avenue
Steenberg Village
+27 21 701 3589
[email protected]

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Cape Town 2020

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Restaurants and Bars

Pizza, Pasta or Salad (1offer)

  • Estimated savings AED 26
  • Valid until 1st Jan 2021
Restaurants and Bars

Pizza, Pasta or Salad (2offers)

  • Estimated savings AED 26
  • Valid until 1st Jan 2021
Recent Reviews
The pizzas have a very thin base which I like and the toppings generous. The shrimp pasta while tasty has a bit too much tomato.Read more
Was surprised firstly at the prices being charged albeit a limited choice menu. Specializing in pizzas and pasta we ordered 2 pizzas and a bacon and mushroom pasta in cream source. Pizzas were on lovely wood fired thin bases with ample toppings and the pasta extremely tasty. All dishes were ample portions; could not finish the pizzas and just about made the pasta. Highly recommended and would visit again.Read more
The food was authentic and we enjoyed the Pizzas and Pastas we ordered. The Pizza toppings were a little unfamiliar and some of the standards we have all come to know and love were missing, but you can construct your own. Service was good and the owners and chefs seem to be Italian. Tiramisu and Malva pudding were excellent.Read more
Our waiter was friendly, helpful, and accommodating of my dietary restrictions. The food was tasty. We enjoyed the warm atmosphere. Thank you for a lovely evening.Read more
My son and I went for dinner. When we placed our order the waiter asked what size pizza we want. I asked for both pizzas to be small. He then informed me that only my son can have a small pizza and I have to order large. Why ask me then? So I ordered my son’s pizza in large and my pizza in small. It arrived in the opposite way. I asked the waiter why it was like that and he shrugged and said that the pizza I ordered cannot be ordered in a small size. I told him that’s not acceptable as he didn’t inform me of this when I ordered and that I will accept the food but I will only pay for what I ordered as he did not inform me of this when I ordered. Before I could finish my sentence he grabbed the pizzas away from me. And walked away. Then I called the manager, who then told me what the waiter briefed him ( who according to him has been working here for years) and we finally had to agree to receive exactly what was placed in front of us in the first place. If the waiter didn’t remove our food without discussion we would have eaten it. Now they are wasting their money making exactly the same order as what was in front of us. This doesn’t make any sense, revenue wasted for nothing. As for the pizzas at least that was delicious! Read more