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Bean There

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Bean There coffee company opened its doors in November 2011. It introduced Cape Town with a love for coffee, a passion for African adventure and also the world’s finest fair-trade, single-origin, African coffee ... More

58 Wale Street
Cape Town CBD
+27 87 943 2228
Bean There

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Recent Reviews
I just left the shop. Got ignored by two employees, and when finally came over, after clearing about 4 tables and serving two other tables, the blame was shifted to me for wearing earphones. It's all good and well giving your regulars good service, but ignoring new customers is not the brightest move. I'm next door now - GREAT service. I can't really say much about the food/coffee, but I CAN say that the place next to it is GREAT.More
On a hot Cape Town day, was delighted to discover that iced coffee was on the menu. Slightly sweetened, it was wonderful! Nowhere better to pause for refreshment than in a funky, relaxed, but still personal, space.More
Bean There is one of the hippest coffee shops in Cape Town, and the place is never too crowded. The space is functionally designed with an incredible color palette that is consistent throughout. The coffee options are standard for the most parts BUT their coffee is definitely from better sources compared to say Starbucks, which thankfully we did not come across any. Bean There has a small selection of pastries and cakes, which are well curated and presented. While there is no outdoor seating, there are seats located right by the huge windows which is good enough for most people.More
We walked several blocks looking for a shop that served coffee with something sweet. We were greatly rewarded. First the carrot cake was so moist and delicious I felt guilty for eating it all! Hubby who doesn’t usually have cake or cookies ate one chocolate chip cookie then ordered another. The coffee was so smooth. It was a medium blend. Light and fruity. We asked her to explain the various types for sale in bulk. She gave us a great demo. We ended up buying 2 to take home. More
we pop round to this cafe to have a coffee and found super fast wifi. great place to chill and work or plan our trip. Friendly local staff. Loved it. (not super great for food but hey can't have it all).More