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BOUNCE Singapore

BOUNCE Singapore, the ultimate indoor urban playground, is centrally located in the heart of Orchard at Cineleisure L9. Featuring a different variety of trampolines zones, Asia’s first “Ninja Warrior”-style adventure course: X-Park and Singapore’s first Leap of Faith, BOUNCE Singapore caters Read More

8 Grange Road, #09-01
Orchard Road
+65 6816 2879
[email protected]

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Singapore 2019

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Recent Reviews
The kids had fun bouncing around and it was enjoyable for the group of them. Would be less enjoyable if it gets too crowded.Read more
Booked online and showed up early but due to insufficient staff had to wait in line to check in for over 25 minutes. I paid for my children to jump and play for an hour but due to the fault of the management we’re only able to jump for 42minutes. When I asked if they could continue to jump to make up the time lost I was told no that they must come out at the end of the original hour. When I asked to speak to a manager I was told that all managers are in a meeting. Terrible service terrible management.Read more
Attended with my three and four year old for a classmate's birthday party. Things we got "in trouble" for within the first 15 mins. 1. The wrong socks. We had socks from AMPED the other trampolining place and apparently these were not permitted at Bounce. They're the same grip socks with a different name. Go figure. We had to have the Bounce socks. 2. Holding a coffee on the astro turf. A group of the parents were standing around talking and watching our kids at the party. We were apparently not allowed to drink coffee in the viewing area. So essentially you can drink your coffee or supervise your kids. Not both. 3. I didn't have a wrist band. I was told I couldn't stand on the astro turf area without a wrist band. I was up there supervising my kids but couldn't do that without said wrist band, and certainly not without a wrist band and WITH a coffee. Heaven forbid! 4. Holding my four year olds hands on the trampoline. My daughter wanted me to jump with her, but we were quickly surrounded by staff with walkie talkies and instructions that only one person could be on the trampoline at any one time. I am fairly confident in my ability to determine what is safe for my kids and what's not, holding her hands to keep her happy whilst jumping doesn't incite any red flags for me. She was reduced to tears by staff no less than three times, being told she can't bounce with me. There were staff running around with measuring sticks ensuring kids were the permitted height for bouncing and every time I queried why we can't have fun, the staff would point to "THE RULES". Well, you can keep your ridiculous rules and over policing of what is meant to be a fun activity. We won't be back. We'll stick to AMPED where they've struck a good balance of safety and FUN. I've rated it one star because the lady made me a decent coffee. Even if I wasn't allowed to drink it.Read more
Really enjoyed visiting this place. Can do a lot inside. A bit expensive for going for 1 hour only, so best to stay for several hours. Recomend going for a Big Bag, it's very useful for practing flips, that you are planning to learn doing on flat surfaces.Read more
I brought my kids yesterday... they have been often and love it. They have plenty of supervision and do adhere to good safety guidelines. It is quite full... but my girls hardly had to line up at all... and enjoyed the different tension trampolines and learning new tricks. The noise from the birthday party groups can be a little overwhelming. Read more