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Buffelsdrift Game Lodge

Buffelsdrift Game Lodge is situated 6.5km outside Oudtshoorn en route to the Cango Caves. At the lodge, you will find pristine bushveld, lush vegetation and a five-hectare waterhole. They offer luxury, air-conditioned, tented, en-suite accommodation with an excellent à la carte restaurant. Trained Read More

Cango Caves Road
+27 442 720 000
[email protected]

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Meerkat Safari (1offer)

  • Estimated savings AED 153
  • Valid until 1st Jan 2021

Elephant Feeding (1offer)

  • Estimated savings AED 78
  • Valid until 1st Jan 2021

Bush Safari (1offer)

  • Estimated savings AED 129
  • Valid until 1st Jan 2021
Recent Reviews
We booked an afternoon game drive so decided to have lunch in the restaurant beforehand. The restaurant setting is lovely, looking out over the the waterhole, home to 3 hippos. We were lucky enough to get a table outside for an uninterrupted view of what was going on. So we had a wonderful view of the hippos that were very active in the water whilst we waited and ate our lunch. Meal service wasn't the fastest but we had over 2 hours before our drive so was in no rush and were royally entertained by the hippos anyway. The meals we had were excellent, well presented and very tasty, (there was a slight mix-up with the choice of potato on both our orders, but no real apology). We should have paid the first bill presented to us as it was only half of ours but all sorted in the end. The view and the activity of the hippos made the meal for us anyway. We went out for the game drive, 2 groups went out, ours had 5 on the vehicle, us, an English couple and 3 from Poland. The guide introduced himself as Jock. Anyway we set, no preamble no chat about expectations. We have done several game drives in various locations in South Africa over the past couple of years so we weren't expecting much animal activity due to it being so hot, it was mid 30's. We did see Springbok, Nyala, Giraffe, Rhino, Zebra, Waterbuck, Wildebeest and Kirdu so weren't disappointed with the sightings, however the guide came across as not very interested at all. Whilst he told us a bit about the animals we saw there was no real interaction about anything else, nothing spontaneous about the reserve, the work being done, other animals, flora and fauna, birds etc. He was asked about the lions, we knew they were in a different enclosure, and elephants but were simply told that was a different experience and we wouldn't see them at all. The refreshment stop midway was in a rather uninspiring spot, in a dip at the end of a track, no spectacular 360 degree views. We set off back and thought we were just returning back the same way but did turn off to go around the waterholes. The buffalo were asked about but the only comment was it was too hot for them, and they would be seen, no further elaboration. The last 15 mins of the drive was rushed as he had to be back for another drive at 1700 and so it was all rushed, past the waterhole with the hippos without stopping and no comment about them either though we could see them. We did see some animals but the whole experience was marred by the apparent lack of enthusiasm of the guide, a first for us as we have always come across them in the past as generally they want to pass on what they know and the work being done and about the animals and their park. We had booked a night drive which we were not going to go on after our daytime experience and only went after the owner of the B&B we were staying at encouraged us to go. The day after we went back, we weren't staying on the site. We had an evening meal, arrived about 1730, giving plenty of time before the night drive at 2000. The meal again was excellent though no rush so it was 1930 before we had finished. Again the hippos were active and entertaining and just before 2000hrs they emerged from the water for night-time feeding. We also had the sight of a fish eagle perched on the other side of the waterhole the whole time we were eating. The night drive guide was Royden, we were the only ones on it, who was totally different from the day before, enthusiastic, animated and wanted to tell us about the animals, the reserve, flora and fauna that bush dwellers used to catch fish and as an antidote for the poison they used. We saw the hippos feeding, Giraffes, Rhino, an owl that flew into a tree, Buffalo, Eland, Zebra, Kudu and Nyala. The midway point we stopped at was the same as we had the day before but this time we had a night time sky that was alive with stars. The whole experience was enlightening and much to the credit of Royden and just goes to show that an enthusiastic guide can make or break an experience. He is to be commended. Overall it is worth eating in the restaurant to overlook the waterhole to see that is going on. The food is very good but service is not rushed. The game drives covered the same ground mostly saw the same animals but the day drive was an experience I can forget, the night time one with a different was guide was memorable because of him. Read more
We had a great stay for 4 days. We enjoy the time in the tent. You can observe a lot of Animals at the waterhole. The trip with the through the area is very interesting, so much giraffes, buffalos, rhino's and gnus and so on. We love it l. Very very good. If you are in Outshoorn look at the cango caves. Read more
One of many 5am wakeups on our holiday but well worth it! It was absolutely freezing so make sure you dress warmly but we we welcomed with a hot drink and biscuit snack before heading off to our 4x4 vehicles. Our guide was knowledgeable and outgoing and happy to answer our questions. We not only saw plenty of meerkats including some babies but we also saw giraffe, hippos and impala on the drive to the meerkats which was a bonus! Fab little trip!Read more
We had prebooked the grooming experience at 9am- we were staying at Oakdene B&B about 10 mins drive away. Easy checkin and then the facilitator collected us. We were the only people booked- fantastic. It is a short walk to the elephants area. We were introduced to them. We spent about 20 mins brushing each of the elephants which was nice as we could interact directly with them. Thereafter the supply of fruit arrived so we could feed each of them before having cuddles with them. The took lots of photos and videos with our cameras whilst we were “working”. Such a wonderful experience. The lodge itself seemed quite quiet but looked to be very nice.Read more
BUFFELSDRIFT GAME LODGE - OUDTSHOORN. Walking with giants. We joined the elephants on one of their walks out into the bush. You can only marvel at these majestic giants who seem as big as they are gentle! What an awesome experience! @buffelsdrift_game_lodge thank you! Read more