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Burger King - Jeddah

The restaurant chain BURGER KING® in the Middle East and North Africa is operated by Hana International Company Limited, a subsidiary of Olayan Financing Company. The company operates over 400 restaurants in the region through a variety of local companies owning a BURGER KING® franchise. All the Read More

Food Court
Al Diyafa Mall
+966 12 549 7697

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Jeddah 2019

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Whopper Sandwich (2offers)

  • Estimated savings AED 15
  • Valid until 1st Jan 2020
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Chicken Royale Sandwich (1offer)

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  • Valid until 1st Jan 2020
Recent Reviews
Burger King BK generally is a great restaurant and burger sandwiches supplier. I found my favorite burger restaurant; BK has a variety menu of food options between sandwiches, drinks, dessert and sides, but the most unique and what makes it distinguished is Whopper sandwich, that sandwich is very great with unique taste, size and ingredients, it's a BK mark, and it has best size among the other restaurants' counterparts sandwiches despite it needs to be a little bigger and despite the higher price than the others. Just BK needs to review its prices as they are higher, renovate its color, shopfront, style and decor, especially that the branches I visited are lack of these in addition to staff, service and cleaning issues that must be resolved in order to enhance the whole mark and reputation.Read more
Visited Burger King repeatedly for Junior meal because the best choice at food court for children and to get a toy with meal only for SAR13. Read more
Ordered our food, realised that they put go large on all the order, without asking. Once food was ready they said, drinks dispenser not working so gave us cans of coke. However, we said they charged for go large and are giving regular size drinks. Eventually they agreed to give what we were owed. We even paid for go large fries and were given regular- imagine the people they’ve ripped off.Read more
The french fries are the best.. Amazing flavour. Also THE softy ice cream for 1 sar is unbelievably large and tasty. Burgers are good. Must try.Read more
Hi, to whom it may concern, I am writing this email due to the poor service I received, at the Burger King, in the main tower mall in the holy city of Makkah, I am very disappointed with the way I was treated, I placed my order on the 31st of March between 3.30-3.45pm, the total amount of the food order was 59 riyals, I cant Remember the name of the person, that I was served by, but he was very rude, and he thought it was funny to make me wait while my food sits around, he served who seemed to be his friends, before he bothered to even give me my food even though I placed my order before half of the individuals he, handed out their food too, I was waiting patiently for over 15 minutes maybe 20, while my food just sat their, a colleague of his even cracked what he seemed to think was a joke he asked me what my order number was and he said I would be waiting until tomorrow, I mean if this is what they call customer service, in the holy city of Makkah, then I’m ashamed to be a part of a community like this!, at the end when he finally gave me my food he asked me what drinks I wanted, I said coke, and it was finished, so instead of getting my drinks he then went on to serve other customers, which I thought was absolutely ridiculous, I come from the u.k and I have never ever been treated like this or experienced such poor customer service in my life, in the end I visited five guys, and paid double the price, but it was worth it as the service was excellent. I would like this to be dealt with as a very serious matter and I would also like this matter to be investigated, and the individual in question to be rep remanded, Just attached my email I wrote to customer services, Staff are all rude, have no manners whatsoever, don’t recommend anybody to even bother visiting this Burger King! If you do you’ll know exactly what I mean Read more