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Burp Kitchen & Bar

If you're looking for delicious, inspired, American, comfort food unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before, we’ve got all the bases covered at Burp Kitchen & Bar. With a stunning view overlooking the Bedok Reservoir and a cosy, rustic ambience, Burp Kitchen & Bar has the ideal setting to Read More

740 Bedok Reservoir Road, #01-3165
+65 8428 8611
[email protected]

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Recent Reviews
Very nice view as its beside a reservoir. Located at a quiet hdb neighbourhood. The food are on standard. Because we using apps, so we ordered same range food. 3 burgers and 1 mac cheese. Mac cheese is very creamy. Burgers patties are all same except for the toppings n sauce.Read more
Male waiter or owner was ok when we came in. Gave us some recommendations which turned out not bad and told us what applied to the entertainer and what did not. Food came and was hit and miss. Nachos were mediocre. Great cheese, other toppings werent great. Truffle burger was horrible, you could taste the freezer in the patty. Pulled pork burger was good and juicy. Mac and cheese was great but the softshell crab lacked taste. Grilled shrimp taco was nice but they were using cheap gelatin prawns. 2 experiences after eating ruined it for me and ensured that I wont be coming back. 1) asked for a recommendation from the waitress about cocktails and she said "all are nice". Loll. We talked about it for awhile and we didnt get anything, your unenthusiasm has caused your restaurant money. 2) only upon paying did he share that 3 people could not claim 2 coupons in entertainer.- while this might be ignorance on my part, I felt he was just being a stickler and didn't want to let us off. -thanks for the lesson buddy, I'm never coming back. Lol. TL;DR: Food was hit and miss, some dishes were great, others were cheaply made with significant price tags (without entertainer). Service was pretty bad and just Singaporeans being Singaporeans. Wouldve come back without entertainer but service was bad enough to turn me off forever.Read more
I would give it 3.5 stars but because I used the entertainer 1 for 1 promo I bumped it up to 4 stars. We had two mains, an appetiser and a sofa for $28. Very reasonably priced! The service was faultless and food came quite quickly! Food quality was slightly above average, though nothing to really shout about. If I wanted to nit pit, it would be the pasta. The texture was rough; I would like it more oily. Not sure if it’s because the pasta was mass cooked and then reheated to be served, as the pasta I cook at home are much more springy.Read more
Friendly staff and cozy environment, located next to the reservoir. Just nice after a walk to drop in and quench your thirst. Tried the burger and it was pretty tasty. Will come back for more.Read more
Was there on a Sat night for dinner. Cozy corner where smaller groups of frens can hang out for drinks. Ordered two main dishes with desserts. While most restaurants serve desserts after the mains, Burp served them at the same time. Wait staff were generally nice and friendly. Food selection we’re innovation and tasty. Drinks were reasonably priced. Read more