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C House Milano

Luxurious, charming and handmade food go together at C House Milano Café Restaurant in Jebel Ali Village Recreation Club. Whether you are out on a date, a business meeting or just a casual catch up with your friends, you will live the Milanese experience that includes amazing service, refreshing & ... More

Jebel Ali Recreation Club, Jebel Ali Village
Jebel Ali
+971 4 880 3320
C House Milano

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  • Jebel Ali

    Jebel Ali


Recent Reviews
Good food, terrible service and racist. If you are an Asian (specifically in South and far east) , they will serve you last. You also have to fight before they will light your heater as it seems their heater is only reserved for their "other" customers.More
They didn't accept multiple entertainer coupons, which was a real disappointment. Their explanation was bad and service thereafter wasn't friendly.More
Great food but not allowed to enjoy happy hour prices when using an entertainer. Had to pay full price for a beverage available on the happy hour menu when the other restaurants in the village do.More
We were 3 persons and they didn’t allow to use 1 house beverage and 1 main course voucher and they were very rude explaining the policy, only when we asked the bill , we felt we were begging , and entertainer shall put this policy on the app !!More
Amzing place friendly staff but the Manager is very USELESS!!! We visted the place many times and we enjoy dining in everynight! But the only thing is that first visit we saw some cats Then tonight a big dog beside our table, when the dog saw the cat the dogs run towards us and we have shisha beside us! If the shisha fell down to me what will happen??? We call the manager and while explaining where not even finish he told us that this is a friendly place and we cannot do anything regarding that!!! So meaning if accident happen its all ok for him even i will get burn??? He didnt even try to speak with the other guest to take care of their dogs and he didnt even apologize and turn his back to us??? So why ur serving shisha with charcoal without thinking your guest for the risk if your allowing animals? Am i just get upset? Or am i right that we get ignored by what so called manager??? This is unacceptable. We are also a guest paying our food and deserves to received a good service!! Place, waiters and waitresses are amazing They should find a good Manager who will fit with their staff. I just had heart attack last month and even almost tonight!!!!! And manager that guy doesnt even care!!! This realy UN ACCEPTABLE!!!!!More