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Crème de la Crêpe

Tired of working for the minimum wage and serving sub-standard food to disgruntled customers, Nick Willoughby decided it was time to have a go for himself. All he needed to do was to apply three basic principles: use quality ingredients, charge a fair price and make sure the product tasted great. In Read More

Unit 29, The Piazza, WC2E 8RE
Covent Garden
+44 20 7836 6896

Amenities Offered

Recent Reviews
Attempted to visit Crème De La Crepe on Pancake Day only to discover a reduced menu, which only consisted of Nutella based pancakes. I politely asked the server if I could have a chocolate sauce topping due a nut allergy and he responded with “do you see a chocolate sauce crepe on the menu?” I was horrified with this response and the lack of flexibility... A completely wasted journey! Highly un-recommended Read more
I enjoyed the crepe. Good ingredients and nice little cafe tucked under the market. Would have given fixe stars but could have made it a little prettier on the outside and could have been a little friendlier..was just short of five stars. Note that the shop opens at 11Read more
Years ago, there used to be a wonderful crepe restaurant in the 'undercroft' of covent garden. Alas, it went away like many other wonderful places. This is an ok replacement but it really ventures more towards burrito than crepe. If you're hungry and it's late and everything else is either slammed or closed, this is an alternative for filling you up. The savory crepes are large with enough to take home for a later meal. As said, they are thick of dough. Again, as said, they are ok. I wouldn't make it a destination stopRead more
I love Covent Garden and was visiting with my son and daughter who both were excited to see a crepe cafe. Oh how very disappointing! Rubbery, raw and inedible crepes that we all left! £2 for a bottle of water and I was served tea with hot milk. It was beyond disappointing 😟 never again!Read more
Delicious and delightful stop for breakfast. Staff was friendly and efficient. Stopped there for a birthday and they were wonderful.Read more