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Crafty Pig

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Finger lickin' BBQ food straight out our very own smoker! Our meats are slow cooked every day to ram in every ounce of BBQ flavour. It doesn't stop there! With our quickie lunch menu, our Glasgow-famous Wings Wednesday or our Americana-style brunch menu, there's a Crafty for any time of day! You ... More

508 Great Western Road, G12 8EL
+44 141 237 4040
Crafty Pig

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Recent Reviews
The food was phenomenal from the hot wings with just the right heat to the nachos which didnt hold back on flavour or toppingsMore
Whilst visiting Glasgow, popped in on Saturday evening in the hope of watching 2 english premier league games. Despite not planning to show them, at our request they did. Decent prices for food and drink. The food was fantastic, over the course of 2 vists myself and a pal got through 60 chicken wings. Staff couldn't have been more helpful, providing table service when they were free and happily charging my phone. Will be back for sure.More
Friday evening dinner for 4 before visiting elfingrove on 13th December. The positives were: * Waiter was polite * Free Sundae for dessert * San Pellgrino soft drink was served in a nice glass The Negatives were: * Definitely not young child friendly (acknowledge I chose this venue). Very loud music. Rugby on TV’s. * Service was bang average - gave 2 young children soft drinks in highball glasses (no straws) - heart was in my mouth every time they took a drink. Metal cutlery forks same size as my daughters head. * Food was terrible. Advised that the “fire cracker chicken burger” was “awesome” or “immense” I think was how it was described. Really poor offering. Over fried, small chicken portions - more coating than chicken and taste of nothing really other than oil. Brioche roll was cold. Fries were fried to within an inch of their lives. Literally no potatoe just fried crisps. Rubbish. * Chicago dogs - not sure how they cook these but quite hard. Suspect they were reheated so difficult to hold any freshness. Daughters couldn’t get near them. Again dog rolls cold - both quickly despatched by daughters who focused on the fried crisp offerings. I tried them. Really poor hot dogs and I mean really poor. Don’t bother is my advice. * Mrs was not impressed with her burger (with cheese and bacon). She ate half and I had a go at it. Burger was actually quite tasty but again roll was cold. Again not worth the effort. I was really hungry so cracked on and didn’t complain when asked if everything was ok. You know that you’ve made the effort and get the feeling that any replacement will be as bad as the original. Food was edible so I ate mine but I genuinely couldn’t tell you if the chicken was tasty as there was so little of it in amongst the fried coating. I ordered a sundae that came in a nice glass, toffee sauce and squirty cream. Pretty poor effort. The waiter didn’t charge me for this thankfully. I wouldn’t go back to crafty pig for food. The chef/cook must be having a laugh if he/she thinks that’s acceptable for paying customers. No care at all with what was served. Crafty Pig must do better 😕 More
We came here with high hopes based on the good reviews and on raving reviews from several YouTubers. While the service was very welcoming and friendly, unfortunately the food was very disappointing. We had the buffalo wings and the pulled pork sandwich. The wings were tiny! Only included the “flats” which had a minuscule amount of meat on them, but the sauce was very good. The pulled pork sandwich was a very odd pairing of flavors. It had bland, dry pork (with no bbq flavor whatsoever), lettuce, tomato, an onion ring and some coleslaw. I’m giving 3 stars for the friendly and attentive service. One star for the food.More
The food was below average in comparison to other restaurants we have been to in Glasgow. The burger was ok, however the hot dog was of poor quality and the chips were very hard. However, the service was very good and the restaurant was nicely decorated.More