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Dan Ryan's Chicago Grill

Dan Ryan’s Chicago Grill mission is to offer culinary passion every day with a heartfelt commitment to delivering a modern American dining experience. Dan Ryan’s uses the best and freshest ingredients in modern healthy recipes and classic favourites served hot off the grill by knowledgeable bar Read More

LG228, 80 Tat Chee Avenue
Kowloon Tong
Festival Walk
+852 2265 8811
[email protected]

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Recent Reviews
Ordered the Slow cooked BBQ Half Chicken Lunch Set, disappointed with it cause the meat was dry n bland! Nothing much can be done if the initial job of marinating the chicken was not properly done! Maybe should hv ordered the pork ribs or burgers?!?!Read more
I went yesterday with my family. The food portion was smaller than before and the taste wasn't as good. I used to love the potato skin but the taste is definitely different from before. The pasta also took a long time to arrive.Read more
I have been a regular at Dan Ryan's' since I first came to HK in 1990. When the Pacific Place restaurant closed a year back, and no Dan Ryan's on the Island something felt wrong. Last night found this newly opened version in TaiKoo. Not quite the same, maybe a little sterile but this has potential. The food as always was great, we enjoyed the meat platter, great steak, ribs, sausage and accompanying fare. Really good stuff. Staff are young but enthusiastic, give them some time. Needs a couple of old timers to help things along. Happy to see Dan Ryan's back on the Island. Read more
今天想吃牛扒, 就走到太古城Dan Ryan's Chicago Grill。 雖然是晚飯時間, 或許是上班日子的緣故, 店內客人不多。 我點了三款食物: 「波士頓龍蝦配炭烤美國特選級肉眼牛扒」、「炭燒紐約牛扒(蒜蓉芝士薯條)」和「卡邦尼亞意粉」。 侍應先送上一籃麵包, 可惜麵包不熱。 主菜到, 賣相好好。 波士頓龍蝦有蝦膏, 烤得剛剛好; 肉眼牛扒多汁且嫩。 炭燒紐約牛扒也十分多汁, 牛扒味令人滿足, Parmesan芝士蒜蓉薯條就一般水準。 最後是卡邦尼亞意粉, 入口覺得稍咸, 但味道是好的, 個人認為如果卡邦尼汁較為濃縮一些更好。 環境不錯, 不嘈雜, 服務也可, 找地方和友人聊天吃飯是一個好地方。Read more
美式餐廳都是份量十足的,而且用餐氣氛輕鬆,也不像中式餐廳或茶樓般嘈吵。 午餐有十五種主菜可選,加送湯或沙律,以及餐飲,相當抵食。今天點了芝士漢堡,內肉汁豐富,外面少少脆口,至愛,吃完很滿足。 雖說午餐,其實至下午5點,都可點此套餐。 Read more