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Delicious Restaurant & Bar

The home of a family is where you find comfort, peace and laughter. Delicious with a touch of nature can be a second home for you and a reminder for all generations that there’s more out there than what we can see. Delicious offers you a place where you can relax and find inspiration Read More

Lot GF1, Ground Level, Jalan Telawi Satu
Bangsar Village II
+603 2856 8216
[email protected]

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Malaysia 2019

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Recent Reviews
Had dinner with my girlfriends here on a Tuesday evening. The food was great. The Fried Mamak Mee is one of my favs and the Salted Egg Fish Skin is a very unique appetizer. One of the servers who attended to us appeared to be very 'green' and kept missing our orders. However, servers Ijaa and Bilat (I hope I got their names right) were very helpful. Read more
I enjoy the pasta here. I had duck confit pasta, needs more spice to it so I added chilli flakes. Prepared really fast and pretty good. Service is great too. It’s pretty packed during weekends. Read more
This is another one of our former favourite restaurants to eat in Bangsar. The place services all kinds of food such as Malaysian, Italian, western etc and has a good selection of desserts. It is located at the north end of Bangsar Village II shopping mall. I was tempted to order a grilled pesto chicken with pasta, but I remembered on many occasions when the chicken breast served was sometimes not freshly cooked but reheated and very rubbery in texture. Each time that had happened in the past I had either asked them to replace the chicken with freshly cooked chicken or cancelled the dish. So I skipped ordering it. We instead ordered a strawberry pavlova and a cheesecake topped with caramel macadamia nuts for the kids, which were both really delicious, and a couple of drinks that were fine. We'd have liked to have ordered a vanilla milkshake but were told that only chocolate and strawberry were available, so we skipped the milkshake. Without doubt we be happy eating here again, but there are so many other good food places in this mall such as Citrus (this was our preference but they were full) but are sure to be back again.Read more
We went several times to delicious toget their three cakes for two on Sunday afternoon. This time we decided to try their lamb shank. At 38 RM it was a competitive price compared to other places in KL and in addition the size of their lamb shank is quite spectacular. Not sur it is still a lamb. Might be a full grown mutton but anyway their cooking is excellent and we recommend it. As for the cake there is no mistake in their selection. Shamk is good value for money the cake is on the expensive side but I guess you have to pay for good tasteRead more
When they 1st opened in 2004 under the leadership of Benjamin Yong, the food was absolutely "delicious" like its name. However, when E&O bought over a 51% stake, the food took a turn for the worst. Now, it's back on track after Singapore-based Envictus International Holdings Ltd took over. My friend of 38 years of friendship & I went to Delicious in Bangsar Village 2 to celebrate her birthday this afternoon. After looking at the menu, she decided to have a go at the Eggplant Parmigiana. My boring plate of Fish & Chips came 5 minutes earlier than her order. The Eggplant dish was a big serving for 1 & there was a generous serving of cheese on it. Wished I had ordered the same. We shared between us the Halloumi Fries which I think was a little too salty & the decadent chocolate lava cake. I'm going back soon just to devour the Eggplant dish & to try their Chocolicious Sundae. The recently renovated restaurant seems to agree with my taste. Just loved their setting! Can't get enough of the cheerful wallpaper. It looks so vibrant with its colours. The birds & plant motifs were a nice touch to the ambience. Also liked the high-backed sofa chairs. It's a good place to meet people. The food is good, the ambience is super comfortable & cheerful. Unfortunately, can't say anything positive about the service. Staff is not attentive & they can be quite slow. However, I supposed the food will make up for the poor service.Read more