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Deloubak Espresso Cuisine

Deloubak Espresso Cuisine is focused on coffee, based on SCAE criteria of brewing, grounding and roasting. We bring to our customers an experience that intrigues all coffee lovers Read More

Thermopylon 28
+357 26 101 828

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Cyprus 2019

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Recent Reviews
Stopped here as it looked as if the food would be quite good, I had the chicken souvlaki which I have to say was dry and quite synthetic tasting. Also I was disappointed to see they still use boards as plates!!! I hate these as they are so unhygienic and shouldn’t be used. I had a nice new tea and sour cherry drink although at €4.50 a pop it’s quite expensive. The chic look of the inside was nice however overall quite disappointed 😒Read more
We went to this place the other day with my partner, and unfortunately I can't think of a single good thing to say about it. Location at the old town next to the main road makes this place noticeable, something you see on almost every day basis. I always wondered if they are good, and if you also live in Paphos you know how hard it is to chose in favor of a new place, when you have a bunch of your favorite locations for all occasions. Well, due to its location it's very noisy from the road, as if you are sitting next to the high way. Other places at the same road exactly have far better sound proofing or isolation. Food menu is very poor, promo signs on the outside are misleading, makes you think that's it's a proper if not burger place then at least cafe. But it is not. We have been offered 2 options for breakfast, one vegetarian, and one with eggs, bacon, Cypriot sausages and rocca salad. It was called "brunch", and it was 7,50 by the menu, but we have been told there is a special offer for it, and it would be 5 euro-something. In final receipt it was full price. My partner chose the ribs, and we specifically asked how they cook them, if they are boiled before the grill, and we were assured by the staff that the ribs cooked on the grill only. It was the worst ribs we ever had, obviously boiled, and followed by diarrhea few hours later. They were also overpriced for the size of the portion, for 15 euros one can get double the amount in a restaurant with a waiter, not self service.... Yes, self service is another unexpected and very annoying detail. Once you placed your order, you receive notifying device that would beep every time some position from your order would be ready. Ours beeped 3 times: first for our coffees, then for my breakfast, and then for my partner's meal. Next to us 2 tables very busy with couples, apart from that it was pretty much empty. But that was enough to drive us mad with constant beeping sound, at least 3 times for each table, imagine that. Plus, what's the point of making self service when you charge like a proper restaurant. Self service is to reduce the prices. Even in tourist area you get better offer for your money, plus the service. Another unexpected thing was extra charge for coconut milk of flavoring of a coffee. Since when replacing normal milk with coconut halved with water shall cost extra? It's unreal, I still can't believe that we paid 30 euros for the worst eating experience in our life, I feel so disappointed.Read more
Excellent quality with selective tastes and professional service. My favourite place to relax and listen to jazz music, along with a cup of coffee and a vintage atmosphere.Read more
DO NOT EAT HERE IF YOU HAVE SERIOUS FOOD ALLERGIES OR ARE PREGNANT!!! No tolerance to changing orders after they messed it up, they wiped off the sauce and thought it was ok to give me the same dish still contaminated! It's dangerous, please be warned!Read more
I had coffee there last month with some friends. The coffee is nice. The place is really well decorated and makes you enjoy your time there.Read more