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Divers Down UAE

Divers Down UAE is a professional and friendly PADI 5-star IDC Centre, committed to excellence in diver training and education. Whether you want to try diving for the first time or you would like to gain your next certification, we offer a complete range of PADI courses at our branches in Fujairah Read More

Miramar Al Aqah Beach Resort & Spa, Al Aqqa
+971 50 553 1688
[email protected]

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Discover Scuba Diving (1offer)

  • Estimated savings AED 575
  • Valid until 1st Jan 2021

Advance Open Water Diving Course (1offer)

  • Estimated savings AED 1575
  • Valid until 1st Jan 2021

Open Water Diving Course (1offer)

  • Estimated savings AED 1995
  • Valid until 1st Jan 2021
Recent Reviews
I recently completed my open water dive course with Divers Down which was a fantastic experience. Nick was my instructor and was very patient and knowledgeable over the two days. We completed the pool session and open water dives at a suitable pace that was both informative and fun. I am looking forward to more dives with Divers Down in 2020 and beyond. BenRead more
The office staff were very friendly and helpful. The shop was fairly decent. They had sizes of wetsuits that are difficult to find for taller people, which is amazing! You do get a discount at the Miramar Hotel if you book a dive and a room through Divers Down. Also, they did not make us pay for the ‘dive’ since we never actually went down. Most of the crew staff were great, a couple of them could use some manners when dealing with clients. The gear room was a really great set up. Have yet to see one as efficient as it. The showers outside were very convenient for cleaning up if you’re not able to get the super late check out from the Miramar Hotel (6:30pm). Staff should not snatch things from customers while they are breaking down their gear (male American staff member, quite rude). I am brand new to diving and have yet to dive beyond my open water training. This was relayed by my husband to the dive center when he called to book. The woman in the phone told him she completely understood and would book us with a knowledgeable guide. We got to the Divers Down center early and spoke to our guide, Laura, who I told that I was new and still somewhat scared she said no problem, she understood and that she would take care of us. The weather was beautiful out that morning, but the wind picked up quite a bit and the center called one dive site off because of the whitecaps that could be seen. So we were sent to a different dive site, it was pretty rough. The visibility was extremely limited and the boat was listing pretty hard. The guide still had us drop in the water, I was pretty scared at this point since my “first” dive was going to be in extremely rough conditions. The boat captain was having a very difficult time keeping the boat from the rocks. The center has zero control over the weather and I totally understand this, but honestly the guide should have called it when we got to the rocks and it was nothing but a churning mass of white water. The other people that were on the boat said that it was far from ideal especially for a novice and that they had a hard time navigating the rocks with the current being very strong. We had a very hard time climbing back out of the water and fighting the current trying to push us into the rocks. If they had gotten started earlier, 6:30am briefing, the water conditions would have been way better, but sadly they do not open quite that early. I am not totally put off by the center, I won’t judge all of the staff by one guide and one worker that was rude. I would try it again. Maybe when I am more experienced and I don’t have to expect a dive guide (as her diving level was not reveled to us) to make a comfort/safety call for me. Read more
Divers Down is a top notch dive center from the front office staff to the boat staff even to the sea life! 😂😂 We had such a relaxing time and can’t thank them enough for handling all the details from top to bottom. It was scary being so far from home and wanting to get in some water time, but the Divers Down folks made us forget that we weren’t on US soil by taking such good care of us! Well, that and the amazing fish, turtles, sharks, etc!Read more
I tried to complete an Open Water Course earlier in the year whilst in Malta, but it all went a bit pear shaped and it was too cold for me, so I gave up. I tried again here - forewarning them that I was really nervous. Taha, my instructor, took such good care of me. He was very patient, but knew just how much to push me to get me over my fear! By the end of day two I had qualified. I could have cried! I told Taha that he had achieved a small miracle (I couldn't even put my face in the water a short while ago). The whole team here are great and very supportive and accommodating. Thanks also to Laura who gave me some ear drops and helped me with trying on a new wetsuit! The facilities here are worth a mention here too - two excellent boats, changing rooms, a huge wet gear room, hot showers and food available from the hotel if needed. Makes it all much more pleasant!Read more
I enjoyed all the dives I had at Divers Down, Fujeriah. Laura is an amazing instructor. calm, composed and made sure every aspect was covered. She is very observant and provided tips specific to issues that I had while diving. By the final dive I was super confident :) . the Place is really beautiful, the dive sites have some really nice creatures you can see :D . The whole team of Dom, Hannah, Chris, Joey, Laura & the others are really accommodating. Remember to carry lunch for yourself if you are not going to be staying at the hotel & are not a huge fan of Burgers + Pizza. A really fun drive from Dubai through khor fakkan. The temperature drops a lot and you can enjoy the drive with your windows down. Thanks a ton guys! BrendonRead more