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Domvs Romana

Domvs Romana consists of remnants of a sophisticated urban residence adorned by one of the finest and oldest mosaic pavements throughout the Western Mediterranean and a collection of artefacts, illustrating everyday life during the Roman Times Read More

Museum Esplanade
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Malta 2020

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Recent Reviews
A fascinating, well-curated and laid out museum which brought Roman culture to life. I recommend getting the three museums in one ticket (the Domus Romana, St Paul's catacombs and the Natural History museum) which is valid for a month and greatly reduces the price.Read more
A beautiful roman house with gorgeous mosaic floor- a really unexpected place to see. There were literally two other couples visiting it at the time we were there (mid Oct), which compared to crowds in the Mdina Old Town nearby was like entering an ancient Roman temple itself. The place gives you a historic background of the Roman Villa and the development of the city. There is a handful of original everyday items to be seen, as well as a handful of decorative pieces and few sculptures. The place is not very big, but worth to spend 5eur to visit it!Read more
This small museum contains some statues found in the house, some glassware, some explanatory notes on Malta and the Roman Empire and some well executed mosaic floors. For those without an interest in Roman history, it is probably not worth it, but for those interested in Roman history, this small museum is certainly worth checking out.Read more
We loved this. We bought the Mdina & Rabat Cultural Experience ticket which allows access to this, the Catacombs, the National Museum, and a free ride on the sightseeing train. We weren't sure what to expect, but the mosaics in the villa are beautiful and really caught our attention. Our nine year old daughter loved it, and we spent a lot of time in here because it is beautifully presented and quite atmospheric. We were, however, unusual in that. Most people came in, walked around the mosaic floor, and then wandered back out again. So it is each to their own.Read more
Very friendly lady greeted me upon entry into this "must see" small museum for any Roman mosaics lover. Though the display cabinets and "info walls" are a little dated, it was all well curated. The mosaic floors are not the best examples you would ever see, in terms of preservation or conservation, if you follow in the footsteps of the Romans around the world as a hobby. However, the drinking doves motif here, was very popular in Roman poetry and is mentioned in the historic writings of the period. It is disappointing that the ruins outside are not accessible, perhaps through some sort of suspended walkway and more information offered. There are decent and clean facilities inside which is a plus as they are a little bit challenging in Mdina next door. Small but interesting museum to visit.Read more