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Donut Factory

Every day, we wake up to a Donut Factory that is humming with enthusiasm, raring to click, whirr and whizz into activity and just itching to produce the very first scrumptious bake of the day. Every day, we bake fresh doughnuts, muffins and cookies from scratch and transform each of our creations Read More

Mosta Road
St Paul’s Bay
+356 2788 4444
[email protected]

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Malta 2019

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Recent Reviews
We stumbled upon the Donut Factory by accident (it is down one of the side streets) but we were glad we did. So much so, that we went back again the next day for more doughnuts! The décor and ambience was really nice inside and they also had seating outside. There was not an amazing selection of doughnuts but the ones they had were really pretty. I can only comment on the doughnut I had which was the Kinder one. Nice doughnut filled with a white chocolate ganache cream and topped with Kinder chocolate (and decorated with a strip of the chocolate). It was so good. The coffee was nice and we also had iced frappe and hot chocolate. Prices were really reasonable (I was surprised). The doughnuts were 2.50 euros and the drinks a little cheaper. They also had quiches and pies along with gorgeous looking cookies. Thoroughly recommend a visit if you are passing!Read more
Good enough donuts. Not the best I’ve ever eaten but nothing to complain about either. Filled ones (whit chocolate) better than the ring ones. Atmosphere and decor quite bland.Read more
€1.50 for a Boston Cream I promise you get onto that. Filled with whatever Boston Cream is I don't even know but it's unbelievable let me tell you that. I first got a Kinder Surprise one which was good don't get me wrong but my girl got a Boston Cream one and she definitely won that round of 'who can get the best donut'. Since that first time we've been back every day and the boxes we been buying have been getting bigger every time. Some absolute whopper in the reviews said that they got a stale donut from there - can guarantee it would've been fresh when they bought it and they left it too long, I won't have a bad word said about The Donut Factory (@batchwood hit me up and lets have a discussion about your mistaken review). Fat boy gives this a thumbs up. Love food, hate racists.Read more
To be honest we were having a relatively healthy holiday until we found the Donut Factory. Boston Creams are the one (only 1.5EUR) Ended up going in most days and leaving with a cute/fat box of donuts for the day We're pretty fat now, well worth it. Highly recommendRead more
Popped in after seeing reviews very disappointed yesterdays donuts stale and chewy and no selection,coffee okay milk shake ok Read more