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Dubai Herbal and Treatment Centre

The Dubai Herbal & Treatment Centre (DHTC) is an integrated medical centre in the UAE. They offer a perfect harmony between conventional and alternative medicine combined with medical and wellness treatments tailor-made for you. They combine old and new knowledge from different cultures and eras for ... More

Opposite Al Jaddaf Marriott Hotel, Oud Metha Road
+971 4 335 1200
Dubai Herbal and Treatment Centre

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Recent Reviews
I was suffering from severe food allergies that had caused severe sneezing and cold that started early mornings and lasted the whole day. Many people would try anti allergies and strong sprays to get rid of that. I did that too but nothing helped. A visit to dr Vimala Lewis (homeopathic practitioner)was a relief and with her treatment by the grace of God now iam cured of my sneezing and colds and can eat freely and breathe normally. Very happy with my visit to Dubai herbal treatment centre. Visiting Dr Vimala(homeopathic practitioner)has been a wonderful experience for me.I recommend a visit to her.She gives quality time and listens with compassion.I had multiple problems,high blood pressure,allergies , anxiety,stress.Within a month of her treatment and the grace of God ,have been curedMore
I did a therapy with Homeopathy with Dr Vimala. She is wonderful and I was surprised with the power of this alternative medicine. I have Endometriosis. And I try all sorts of treatments, with western medicine. Dr. Vimala with her treatment, help me to cope with this health concearn I have and improved my lifestyle in all sorts of ways. I also was trying to get pregnant for a while, and with homeopathy I got pregnant after three months. Dr. Vimala takes her time with patients, and she is always available. She is a wonderful person and professional. I highly recommend this center. I also tried acupuncture and really enjoyed it.More
Great experience for a Friday brunch with friends. Great choices for starters and desserts (vegan) and good options for main dishes. There was also a live station for pancakes. The staff is friendly and the price very reasonable. More
I have always wanted to try a colon cleanse and so I flew in to Dubai and scheduled it at this facility. I have done my research about the procedure so I was quite excited to finally try it. My disclaimer is that it was the therapist that made this a horrible experience and I would never want to do it a again. A friend of mine had the procedure done by another therapist and said it was pleasent. My hydro therapist was Asha Jones. The facility is beautiful and people are very friendly. Firstly, she didn't really explain the process to me even though I stated it was my first time....but no big deal, I went and changed and laid on the table. This is where it got very uncomfortable for me. Apparently in a procedure like this, you are supposed tt tell the hydrotherapist when you are starting to feel cramps so that they can stop the flow of water. Since she never told me this, I was in pain most of the time, figuring that it is how the procedure is supposed to be. About halfway through I started to speak up because the pain was unbearable. The whole time, the therapist seemed to be "out of it" and she wasn't really paying attention. Once I'd get her attention when I would have pain, she would sort of be startled, as if she was somewhere else and checked out. Whenever she was actually paying attention to me, she kept talking about how I should eat healthy and I could also lose weight. This wouldn't be an issue, but she kept bringing it up which got annoying. I feel like this is a vulerable experience for people and she could have also been more friendly. I really wanted this to be a great experience but walked out of there sort of traumatized. If you do go to have this procedure done, go with Asha Rani, I hear she is great and very friendly.More
I bought a pre-paid package and the staff decided to change it to single sessions to off set another fee without discussion first. They would not budge and considering i have been going there since it opened and was a loyal customer i was highly dissapointed at the lack of flexibility and understanding. Very Poor, i will no longer be recommending this venue as i have so many times in the past....More