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Dugong Beach Lodge

Dugong Beach Lodge offers 14 rooms and is set on a private beach with clear waters. The property has an infinity swimming pool with a large decking area with beautiful ocean views. Facilities include a restaurant, library and shared lounge. All guest rooms open out onto a patio with a seating area. Read More

Dugong Beach Lodge
Vilanculos Coastal Wildlife Sanctuary
+27 12 443 6700

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Recent Reviews
Exotic destination with crystal clear blue beaches. The food is fresh and out of this world delicious. We loved the island excursion to Pansy islands. The staff were not only friendly, but also very accommodating to make our stay a memorable experience.Read more
We were greeted at the airport by the general manager, after a short boat trip over crystal clear water we arrived at the lodge and were greeted by friendly staff members who were singing and playing musical instruments. The staff were friendly, warm and extremely accommodating people. The venue is situated in a bay, with the most amazing sunsets. We watched these while sitting around a fire, sipping G&T’s every night. Rooms are clean, comfortable and luxurious, and equipped with mosquito nets, air conditioning and a ceiling fan which all came in handy. The beauty therapist at the spa gave some of the best massages I’ve had so far. The food for me was the high light of our trip: fresh, tasty and plentiful, Chef Roberto personalizes his dishes to your likes and requests. We had two excursions: snorkeling at Bazaruto Island and deep sea fishing. Both were extremely rewarding and worth every cent. We also had the opportunity to do some horse riding along the coast, which was also my first time riding a horse on a beach and an amazing experience. I would highly recommend this lodge. We will be back for our anniversaries to come.Read more
From the word go, we had issues with Dugong. When we met the boat, our bags were dropped in the ocean. This was an accident, fair enough but unfortunately the bag which was really wet was the one with all our baby gear. My wife, my 14 month old son and myself were going there for our honeymoon. My wife, important to add was pregnant at the time. Once we were on the boat, we were told that we would be waiting there for other guests, for about an hour. I said this isn’t ok because my wife is pregnant and we have a baby with us. The skipper then pointed to a tree on the land and told us to wait there. Immediately on getting to that tree, we were told to get back to the boat because the other guests were delayed. We got on the way then which was great. When I was making the booking, I was particular about booking a cot. I was informed that one was reserved for us. When we went to the room, we discovered that there wasn’t a cot so we asked one of the staff to bring it. He returned with a stretcher bed. I explained why this wasn't suitable for a young baby and asked them to bring the cot. They returned with a box and some pillows. Long story short, he slept between us for the time we were there. We never wanted our son to sleep in our bed. I am an active sleeper. Many times, I awoke on top of him so I failed to sleep well there. The “sanctuary” that Dugong is based in is not quite what it seems. It’s full of “private houses" which are actually fully operational, high end lodges. You can hear machinery all over the area. Our room was unfortunately next to the place where all these lodges park their boats. Tractors and vehicles were moving in and out, constantly. Many people making a lot of noise too. I asked for a gin and tonic on my first night. Due to people coming in drinking from these “private houses" the bar at Dugong had ran out of tonic. I was told not to worry because a ‘re supply was coming the next day, along with our cot. It came with tonic but no cot and that same night I went to get a g&t, I was informed that they had now ran out of gin. Food, in my opinion was good. My wife didn't enjoying much though, apart from the breakfasts. They advertise non motorised activities such as sailing and fishing in the bay on their website which was part of the reason we booked to go there but found none of these activities are available. I emailed the man who handled our reservation and requested that we leave early. I didn’t mention a refund but none the less, they ignored me. I told the manager that we have a lot of constructive criticisms for them and we didn’t want to go on social media, rather just let them know directly. I told him verbally some of the issues we faced and he was apologetic and advised I take it up with head office. I have sent several emails to them bit to the day, not a single reply or acknowledgment. There were many other issues we faced there bit I’m not going to list them all out. You get the message. The Lodge itself, I am sure was once a great destination. I would love to go and take it on, it’s so beautiful. They are however charging far too much money for what they actually offer on the ground. This sanctuary is obviously a massive scam. I was pleased, on one of my walks to see an Olive Bee eater. Aside from that we found birding to be nothing special. I now owe my wife another, stress free honeymoon. Paramountly, I just can’t believe that we have been’s inexcusable to take a booking, lie about the facilities and then just close the door on your clients. These people, the “Legend group" have a lot to learn about hospitalityRead more
I almost never write reviews, but after a week long nightmare staying at dugong lodge for ourhoneymoon, it is clear that it has been the WORST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE. Says air conditionig, but try to survive in 30+ weather when there is only one henerator that they randomly shut off to ‘give it a break’ as they say, no hot water. Once complained, no water at all for 12 hrs. Toilet seats cracked with mold on them, no tv access, (the one in the clubhouse doesnt work) . They ration water heavily, and downsized the daily amount, or pay big $. Charged for even asking for a glass at breakfast or lunch, Goway travel was the booking company, but PAUL TRAVEL WAS OUR AGENT. Despite bringing issues to attention, resort tried their best to reduce blackouts and provide more food, but after 7 days of worst sleeping ever, covered in insect bites (no screens on windows) , so durring blackouts room be omes unberrable . I feel sorry for the staff who do try their best to alleviate our concerns, but no refunds when we wanted to move is enough to NEVER RECOMMEND STAYING HERE, or using Paul Travel. If you wish to discard this honest rating, go ahead, but i assure you it will RUIN YOUR VACATION. Have i ever learned a hard lesson about using a travel agent called ‘Paul travel’ !Read more
the rooms are very comfortable, the staff are charming and try hard, Roberto delivers smashing food. we were unlucky that the winds were high so we couldn't partake in the water sports but relaxed, ate and drank in between reading books and conversing. what holidays are for. great boat trip to get to the resort and discovered late in the day that we could have gone horse riding. they need to promote what they have to offer. few maintenance problems and avoid the house wine. the view changes all the time as the tide leaves sand banks which you can visit and a few hours later its a sea. the generator was switched off after breakfast and lunch which meant no internet and the high winds prevented you from doing much else. we loved it despite that.Read more