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Estrella Limassol

Estrella has been established as an excellent brunching place with a spacious dining area accompanied by modern lounge music. It has attracted the attention of The New York Times, offering compliments about its famous bougatsan - Estrella’s signature item which is a flaky croissant filled with Read More

Archiepiskopou Makariou III, Maximos Plaza, Mesa Geitonia
+357 99 878 742
[email protected]

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Cyprus 2020

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Recent Reviews
Having visited once before and been disappointed, we were in the area and in need of a quick breakfast and thought we would give it a second chance. Bad idea. “Homemade” orange juice - I find this very hard to believe, it tasted fake, sweet and syrupy. Cold brew coffee was drinkable but served with plastic straw (seriously Estrella? 2020 here) Ordered 2 of their “English breakfasts” (strange name considering the ingredients but ok)... sausage was this cheap and nasty frankfurter type, everything else was also unimpressive right down to the halloumi! Also no salt/pepper/condiments/butter for the bread. Had to get up and go inside to request them. This place is literally a waste of everyone’s time. Read more
Worst service ever had in a restaurant. We ordered 2 hamburgers and 1 club sandwich. Unfortunately, we were forced to order the bill since after 1 hour and 25 minutes they brought us only a club sandwich. We asked them several times when will they bring the food and they kept telling us that the food is on its way. Even when we ordered the bill they did not apologise for the delay and charged the 2 hamburgers that they never brought.Read more
Visited this weekend for brunch with my kids and waited about 10 mins to get a menu as the staff were all just standing around. Ordered eggs on toast for my son and eggs and bacon for my daughter. All our dishes came at different times with about 10mins between each. Kids eggs arrived but no toast or bacon. Asked about getting these only to be informed they don't do toast apparently and after arguing with me brought me a stale hard piece of bread that was so hard it could've broken a window. Bacon was undercooked and stringy and my daughter actually choked on it. Waiter was argumentative and over all experience was frustrating. Kids left hungry and it's safe to say we won't ever be going back. Read more
From the beginning when the open the shop there is a huge deference since now. At the beginning they were better. Something is wrong with the coffee every time i was going and the quantity- quality is bad compared to prices. Sometimes you could taste the egg in the pancakes, or the meat in burgers was raw. Went multiple times due to friends but haven't been there since June.Read more
My girlfriend and I visited the place twice so far for brunch. The good: -Has good location -Spacious and colourful -Friendly waiters. The bad: -The first time we went we ordered two plates that seemed interesting. However, the plates were soaked in a pink "homemade mayonnaise" which completely covered all other flavors which left us disappointed... A year after we decided to give it a second chance and visited the place again. We waited for around 10 minutes until a waiter finally brought us the menus even though the place was only half-full. The menus were made from unprotected paper and were thus stained with food/coffee which was quite disgusting quite frankly. Nevertheless, my girlfriend ordered a plate with scrambled eggs and I ordered a plate with poached egg and avocado. The plates arrived and left us disappointed again: -The scrambled eggs had nothing to do with scrambled eggs but were rather an overcooked omelette! -My poached egg had a hard yolk and the egg white was under-cooked and had a gooey texture similar to semen. Additionally, the avocado has not ripe, was hard and tasted like raw potato. I am sorry but I find such food at least "amateur" . I liked the combinations they have in their menus but unfortunately the execution was mediocre. Get a new cook maybe? I am not sure if I want to go again.Read more