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The Arabian all-day dining restaurant, Ewaan evokes a truly regional theme evident in the regal arches and wooden trellis. The setting is of vivid Arabia, making Ewaan the perfect venue for a traditional Oriental experience, brought forth by its luxurious drapery and flamboyant accessories. Arabic Read More

Palace Downtown
Ground Level
Downtown Dubai
+971 4 428 7888
[email protected]

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Recent Reviews
I loved this hotel from the moment I set foot in it last year when I came for afternoon tea at the Al Bayt Lounge. The fact that it's so close to the fabulous Dubai Mall and you have sprawling views of Burj Khalifa, make it a place worth visiting. It was when I came for high tea that I was told about the Friday brunch at Ewaan Restaurant, The Palace Downtown's main restaurant. The hotel is operated by The Address hospitality group. I thoroughly enjoyed this brunch, touted as the '1,100 Flavours Brunch'. What I liked about it was it's understated sophistication. Though the spread was varied, it wasn't overwhelming- a common, not to mention often annoying feature of many brunches in Dubai. There seemed to be just the right amount of everything that constitutes a bonafide brunch. Soups, salads, sushi, mini appetizers, seafood on ice, carving stations, dim sum section, breads, cheeses, mains, desserts and an adorable ice cream cart. You can tell that this is an 'upper class' brunch, with fancy selections such as foie gras, caviar, fresh oysters, duck pate, mussels, lobster tails (both grilled & chilled on ice), premium steak cuts, turkey roasts, lamb racks, and so on; you get the general idea. It was an extremely impressive display of so many wonderful foods, and everything tasted amazing. I was seated by a jolly lady named JOSHNA. She came to check on me repeatedly, just to make sure everything was fine. My waiter was MANIRAM. Maniram was extremely efficient and very, very pleasant! He couldn't do enough for me; whether it was clearing my table of dirty plates on the double, urging me to order more mocktails, tea, coffee, asking for my U by Emaar card to get dining points, offering more water, ice, or anything additional that tickled my fancy. He's a lovely man, and a really diligent worker, and The Palace should be very proud of the fact that they have this valuable asset working at their institution. I want to say a big thank you and kudos to Maniram for his exemplary service, and for making my experience at Ewaan a very pleasant one! 🙏🏽 I had no issue with the Friday Brunch at Ewaan Restaurant. It was a near perfect experience, however, there are two slight issues that I will point out, (for constructive criticism purposes). First of all, the package that I had- (which is the soft drinks/mocktails package), had only 2 mocktails on offer. These were the Virgin Mojito, and the Virgin Pina Colada. This I think is rather stingy. When there is a mocktail option at brunches, there's usually at least 4 or 5 types of variations available; perhaps something along the lines of a tropical fruit punch, blue curacao, a kiwi-esk mix-up or some other 'islandy' concoction etc. Thought there should be more choices for the mocktails. It also wasn't stated on the drinks menu that one could order fresh juices, and I wasn't informed. It was only when I saw a waiter carrying a tray of orange juice, what looked like mango juice and lemonade that I knew these were available as part of my package. I suggest that these juices should be added to the list of mocktails, so that customers know they can also order juices. I would also recommend that they serve the drinks and water with coasters underneath. All my cold mocktails, juices and water kept leaking perspiration all over the table. They should also put paper napkins/serviettes next to the salt & pepper shakers. Apart from these minor 'glitches', I will conclude that this is a fantastic brunch, which is well worth a visit. Everything about it was refined, classy, elegant and impeccably presented, all with really delicious food in between, not to mention world class service! I would highly, highly recommend the 1,001 Flavours Brunch @ Ewaan Restaurant, The Palace Downtown Hotel to everyone, so please do endeavor to pay them a visit on Friday afternoon. Read more
Amazing place, delicious dishes specially their starters! Smiley people working there and serving perfect red wines...Read more
Great disappointment. I tried in Dubai over 30 buffets in 5-star hotels (Atlantis, Fairmont, etc.). I wanted to try something new with my family so I visited the Ewaan restaurant. Right at the entrance we were approached by the manager who brought us to the table. At the restaurant, nobody told me what the food was to choose from today. Just a strong lack of interest in the guest. Service was poor throughout the buffet. Plates were not taken from our table. I had to urge service. The desk nobody cleaned was dirty. And the food? I've never seen such a small choice of food. The food was very average and nothing special. Absolutely not the price / quality ratio !!! Don't spend money on average food. It's an ordinary buffet for a lot of money. The restaurant was quite a lot of people was Friday night. I was wondering why so many people come here when the buffet is bad. Maybe it's about the view of Burj Khalifa? I don't know. I gave feedback to the manager and chief cook, but I don't feel they take feedback seriously. This restaurant is more expensive than other buffets, but very weak. Personally, I put her in the last place. Avoid this restaurant and prefer to visit another.Read more
Very good location and very good food .. a little bit busy when we 1rrived but everything w1s under control 1nd okey .. we enjoyed the arzbic meat and especially the lebanese one i think .. very good experience and will do it again of course .. i highly recommend 👏🖒🖒Read more
The place was perfectly situated and busy but with all good features And service .. Mobasher was a great person serving us. Read more