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Famagusta Napa Boat

See the bottom of the stunning Mediterranean Sea aboard the Famagusta Napa Boat, the biggest glass-bottom boat in the Ayia Napa harbour! Offering daily trips to the immaculate Blue Lagoon, you will also be given the chance to swim and snorkel in its crystal-clear waters. Full facilities and Read More

Ayia Napa Harbour
Ayia Napa
+357 99 637 233

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Cyprus 2019

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Blue Lagoon Admission (3offers)

  • Estimated savings AED 61
  • Valid until 1st Jan 2020
Recent Reviews
We had so much fun and an amazing excursion.Cypriot people has a good hospitality and really friendlyRead more
This has to be the worst boat trip I have ever been on, and I have been on a fair few. Drinks are overpriced and the crew aren't bothered about telling you anything about the tour. We did stop for a swim in the sea, for about 20 minutes and this was no where near the caves and the man on the boat did nothing but shout at people and sat chuffing on his cigarette most of the trip. The boat did not go out far enough to see the dolphin and turtles, no effort made to see anything! This boat trip needs investigating for false advertising. The day before, we did the Nemo boat trip and this was much better!! Please do not book and save yourself money and 2.5 hours from boardem!!!!Read more
What can I say? Having read the reviews just now, I wish I had the foresight to read this page before I went on the boat. Hindsight after all. I agree with everything Cruiser825912 mentioned in their review. The trip was terrible, poor host and poor customer service. The drinks when you finally could get one were expensive. The woman manning the bar was sat off to the side and we did not know the bar was open. I had to ask. It is 100% not worth it. At all. The glass boat was closed for two thirds of the trip!! Pointless, waste of money. I would strongly recommend The Black Pearl!! More expensive but completely worth it. Caters for everyone. Young, old and everyone in between Do not waste your money with this.Read more
A very worthwhile city to visit because of the events of 1974, it is very poignant to drive past the fenced off derelict part of the city. So sad to see Famagusta torn apart and the loss of opportunities for people to enjoy this place with it's fabulous beaches and prime location! Read more
Booked this trip for me and my other half for our last day, payed 20 euro each for a trip along the coast with 10 minutes swim time, nowhere near the ghost town atall, couldn't even zoom in on your phone, 10 euro for 2 fantas and 2 packet of chrisps. The cheek of the women made us pay another 10 euro just so we could sit down on top deck, no dolphins not even a bloody fish in the sea, the nemo boat or the pirate ships defo looks more entertaining than this rip boatRead more