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Fat Cow

Fat Cow is the award-winning modern Japanese restaurant grounded in the concept of wabi-sabi – the art of finding beauty in things modest, simple and humble. The promise of a bespoke dining experience is carried through from its luxurious meat service to a vintage wine list, sake, shochu and a Read More

1 Orchard Boulevard, Camden Medical Centre, #01-01/02
Orchard Road
+65 6735 0308
[email protected]

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Recent Reviews
the layout of the restaurant was weird and we were sitting at a corner of one of the room and it was impossible to get the staff attention. The quality of the utensils was inferior and it broke when we were trying to scoop the rice. There was only the inexperienced staff who was apologising but the more senior staff was just watching. As it was a birthday celebration, I did not kick up a big fuss over the disappointing service. Will definitely not return again.Read more
The ambience is cosy with attentive service staff. Good for small group lunch where you'll be able to talk peacefully and the place is not over-crowded or noisy.Read more
We were there for their set lunch. The food in general was good but service is lacking. The whole dinning experience felt very rushed as we were told that our seating is for 1hr15mins. Throughout our meal, we were reminded numerous times to clear our table by 1.30pm. The restaurant may want to consider buffering more time in between bookings instead of keep rushing customers. The service level does not commensurate with the price charged.Read more
Always here for the beef yakiniki and they never disappoint. It's pretty good value if you use the entertainer app. In my last visit I saw that the sukiyaki looks equally good. They changed their dessert menu, the previous warabi mochi was so so so good. For the new menu try their yuzu cheesecake. Super good! Read more
You should only come here if you love, and are ready to pay through the nose for Japanese wagyu beef, especially Kobe. Because the non-beef items (tofu skin apetizer at $35++, or sushi/sashimi, etc) are several levels below what you get at top sushi restaurants (eg. Shinjiis, Hashida, Ashino, Ki-sho, Kimura, Waku-ghin, etc). More importantly, the level of service is poor for such a premium outlet. We did not meet any rude or lying waiters as described by certain reviewers. The staff (all non-Japanese) are quite polite, but here you have to ask for everything (eg. refills), whereas the Japanese staff at the aforementioned restaurants not only anticipate your needs, they even replace your tea or iced water with fresh cups/glasses. There is little merit in sitting at the counter, because the stern chefs here don’t smile or talk to clients at all! They don’t even acknowledge your coming and going. Even the excellent beef is not given proper treatment: it is cold after a few minutes, because it’s not served on a (non-cooking) hot plate; it should be served with sea salt on the side to help enhance the taste of the beef. The $95++ premium donburi is very good, although the caviar is not first-quality, it may even be just fish roe! The huge electric meat cutting machine in the middle of the main dining room is truly characteristic of the whole place: functional but lacks class! It’s also quite conceited and nouveau-riche of Fat Cow to insist on a dress code, when you can wear shorts to Shinjii or Hashida!!Read more