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Flames Charcoal Chicken

Flames Charcoal Chicken is a great place to chill out with friends and family while enjoying delicious roasted chicken, main meals, salads and sides. They prepare chicken with mixed herbs, breadcrumb stuffing and a delicious gravy or a Portuguese style, marinated, flat chicken that is served with Read More

Ground Level, Shop A2, Hoi Wan Building, 25 Hoi Wan Street
Quarry Bay
+852 2563 9928

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Recent Reviews
The outdoor setting of this place is not comfortable for me, so I usually do take away. It locates in a very convenient place in Quarry Bay and not far from my office. Take away is very quick. Peri Peri is juicy and tender, Rosemary can sometimes be dry - This is the type of chicken seasoning they have on their chicken. It's little expensive but worth the price. The service is pretty good. A friendly staff gave me extra sauce. TFries there taste amazing! It's one of my must order dishes, but today I want to be more healthy.Read more
Tried on 5 June with friends. Loved the concept although seating arrangement was not the best. Doing one thing and doing it perfect must be the strategy of this place. Well done Read more
No double the chicken is juicy and very tasty. Yet you may need to play attention to the environment. In summer time, it will be quite hot. And the shop is right next to a big rubbish bin...Read more
Let’s get starting for the BIG CHICKEN!! - 一條麻甩佬要食一個Brunch,最好簡D大件夾抵食,近太古坊有一間食肉獸必去既Charcoal Chicken既專門店, 最鍾意雞肉既我,點可能放過呢間野呢! 👇 - 📌Rosemary & Herbs - $72 1/2 Sizes 👉佢係以Set既形式黎賣既, Step 1係選擇個SIZE,佢有得 比你簡1/4 $50或者半隻雞$72, Step 2係簡烤雞類別 有香草味or葡式香辣,我以穩陣起見, 簡左香草,佢係混合左秘製香草, 麵包糠配燒汁,味道的確唔差, 外皮煎得少少脆,唔會太熱氣, 我額外加多左個$8一個蕃茄紅飯, 蕃茄味都幾重,鍾意食蕃茄應該走唔甩, 另外可以+$12有個特色粗薯條或者加$18有沙律,沙律款式反而好選擇, 仲可以簡2款tim,有早知無乞衣,我應該嗌salad,個飯我食唔哂, Step 3加多杯凍檸茶$8 加埋10% Charge,都係$97 價錢合理!原來佢menu仲有d大眾化既pasta同burger可以order既!下次可以試下 - Friendly reminder:佢星期六日同假期下午4點就會close咖啦yoRead more
Convenient for a simple lunch at the quarry bay office area. The seating is all outdoor - pleasant for spring and fall/winter, not so much during summer or when it rains Roast chicken and service are okRead more