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Flapjaks House of Pancake and Homemade Gelato

Flapjaks is Bali’s new concept, offering a fresh and fun selection of homemade pancakes, waffles and gelatos. Using only the best and freshest of ingredients, Flapjaks is committed to serving premium quality food with a service from the heart. For reservations, please WhatsApp to +62 813 5371 9422 Read More

Complex Kuta Sidewalk, Jalan Kartika Plaza
+62 361 765100
[email protected]

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Recent Reviews
We came for breakfast. Waited our foot over than hour. Toilet out of order. Food was ok, but service was slow and bad.Read more
Today I came after seeing good reviews online and ordered two all day breakfasts. Firstly the food was bland and just downright bad quality with the fried eggs being undercooked. We didn't eat half of the meal. Secondly the waitress serving us was sooooo miserable and can't even blame a long day as it was 9.30am. There was also clearly some confusion regarding our order as their was a discussion amongst the wait staff about our drinks ('bule' thrown in multiple times for good measure too) I ordered a lemon ice tea but they brought the more expensive one with a sorbet floating inside. This clears up why they were confused but obviously it would then be better to reconfirm with the customer what they want rather than just guessing? When I pointed out that they brought the wrong drink they then clearly just took out the sorbet and gave the drink back but it still tasted super sour since the drink wasn't actually changed... Then the wait staff had a little discussion amongst themselves some more and when the bill arrived of course they still charged for the more expensive drink. After pointing this out another lady came over and explained loudly that the waitress would pay the difference for the mistake which was clearly said with the intention that we would dismiss the issue. Unfortunately for them I think that's the perfect way to learn from a mistake. Sorry but don't try and guilt trip me because you messed up. Next time I advise to reconfirm an order if there's some confusion rather than just assuming the customer will happily pay for a more expensive item they don't want. To sum up: bad food, terrible service, expensive and just downright bad all around. Avoid like the plague. Read more
I ordered the rainbow burgers. The chicken inside one of the burgers smelt and tasted off. Almost as though it had been microwaved from frozen. Waffle was good and coffee was good. Had to ask twice for the bill.Read more
Enjoyed a good meal but was abit expensive compared to nearby food. The food tasted prety good thoughRead more
It could be better in size/price. Sometimes the batter tasted stale/too much baking soda. The place is located next to a busy street, so it wouldn't be your first choice to chill and relax. It's for the hungry then! But if words could appease your hunger, than this place is just some sentences.Read more