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Float On

Float therapy is the quietest, most peaceful experience in Hong Kong for both your mind and body. The warm water and 500kg of salt allow you to float effortlessly and enter into deep states of relaxation. This unique experience can give you peace of mind while being great for people who are Read More

Basement 89 Caine Road
Mid - Levels
+852 2548 2844
[email protected]

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Hong Kong 2019

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Recent Reviews
If you need a good floating experience or some meditation, float on is a great place to go. It's small and dainty with a nice area and their float rooms are perfect. The staff are super nice and so helpful and the whole place just makes you want to go again. Definitely recommend the floating. Read more
Living in this busy city comes with a lot of stress. I used to float regularly in Toronto. Finding this float centre has made my work life balance so much easier to manage. - The location is very convenient, very close to escalator from IFC - The centre is clean and comfortable - The pods are cool looking not like the old chambers - The staffs are friendly and knowledgeable - The door is a bit hard to find, it's beside a 7Eleven - They only have 4 pods so book ahead Overall I have returned many times and will float regularly for stress management.Read more
This is my first time to float . I was surprised that HK has this kind d of spa treatment . This spa only have floating machine . They have few rooms only for floating. I can't say I love it but it's a great and interesting experience . I am happy that I tried. My skin was very clean, my nose is still shinning after the float . But I recommand u to ask for a full section of music if this is your first time . Swimwear is not necessary but u can bring it if u afraid u may need some help to relax and get used to . Service is excellent . Read more
On your first visit, the staff explain in detail what to do and what happens so we were put at ease. You put the ear plugs in first. Before the shower. (The shower is in the same room) That's important. Otherwise the ears are wet and pure fiddling with the ear plugs during the float. Then remember to turn off the lights before getting into the pod. Most people are concerned with claustrophobia but the pod is big and with a domed roof/lid so I didn't feel enclosed. Once you close the pod, you have the option of constant blue light, rotating colours of lights or pitch dark. I tired all three. To be honest once you close your eyes you might as well turn off all the lights. The second time I went the light button was broken and the blue light was on all the time so I just closed my eyes. A small pool noodle is provided for neck rest but once you float there isn't any need. There is so much salt in the water, you float no matter what. Once the fidgeting has stopped and you settle in, the feeling is pretty amazing. The water is body temperature so if you lay still, you end up not feeling your limbs. Strange but relaxing. I fell asleep both times, and felt rested. Some people hallucinate and some meditate. The floor can get slippery when you get out so be careful. It takes ages to get the salt out of your hair afterwards. The shampoo they provide doesn't really do a good job. Maybe I will bring my own shampoo next time ... Make sure to pee before hand! Read more