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Flooka - Abu Dhabi

At Flooka, you will experience the best in Mediterranean seafood with a Lebanese twist. Our chefs offer seafood mezze such as makanek - traditional Lebanese mini sausages, made the Flooka way with fresh fish instead of lamb and our scrumptious fish taouk - kebab and samak bil meleh. You can also Read More

Eastern Mangroves Promenade
Eastern Mangroves
+971 2 441 8244
[email protected]

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Recent Reviews
They’ve got a great selection of hot Mezze dishes which are all good in size. 4 should be good enough for 2 people. I was quite disappointed with the mixed fish platter which tasted pretty bland. All the fish were just deep fried with no creativity. All the fish on the platter were of the same type, plentiful of bones with little fish to eat on. A better selection fish platter wouldn’t be too hard, including some calamari etc. And steamed/boiled options. Disappointingly the management here feel the need to offer water and bring out the imported water first without offering local water which I did see on other guests tables after. A petty tactic to get an extra 10AED from the customer and in doing so, puts me off visiting again or leaving a tip. Read more
Went with my family for lunch The waiters were friendly & due to the rainy weather we sat inside Everything was ok except the food wasn’t the same like before,we ordered calamari Provençal wasn’t so tasty , fish tagin with tahina was so good & then the main course was fish but I think it wasn’t so fresh may be cause we ordered directly from the menu & we didn’t select the fish I think we will give it one more try cause it never failed us before Read more
I had a seafood dinner buffet with my wife at Flooka restaurant, Mangrove Promenade, Abu Dhabi. The service was great and the staff were very accommodating and prompt. I would like to thank the staff and particularly Mr. Rawad and Adel for their the great service and care we basked in during our dinner at Flooka restaurant. The food was varied and delicious. There were different seafood dishes cooked to perfection. I recommend the chef to include some desserts to the menu. I really recommend Flooka restaurant to my friends and to people looking for a romantic evening, as the restaurant boasts a prime location at Mangrove Promenade. I will definitely go back for another dining experience.Read more
The restaurant give a really good views of you eat outside. There is wifi and the menu is really good. In our case we choose small typical dishes to share and then one dish food for each one. The fish is amazing, so try it.Read more
Very nice view on the mangroves. The place is spacious. The food is good. Its a lebanese fish mezza. The fish was amazing but the mezza could be better. Overall its ok because of the location and the view. But food alone can be better. By the way they also serve shisha.Read more