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Fogo de Chão

  • Brazilian

Founded in Brazil in 1979, Fogo de Chão (fogo-dee-shown) is a leading Brazilian steakhouse or churrascaria, specialising in the centuries-old Southern Brazilian cooking technique of churrasco. The authentic dining experience features premium cuts of meat that are fire-roasted and served tableside ... More

Central Park Towers, Level P3
Dubai International Financial Centre
+971 4 343 8867
Fogo de Chão

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Rio Brazilian brunch (1offer)

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Churrascaria experience (2offers)

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  • Dubai International Financial Centre

    Dubai International Financial Centre


Recent Reviews
Best meat in town. As usual, the best meat in Dubai, amazing vibe, the service from Sari was excellent during our brunch: friendly, we got everything even without asking, keeping distance due to COVID but still made us feel welcome, we had such a great time.More
Mrs Lowe, being the brick that she is booked this well in advance for our Christmas Day meal based on the fact that many restaurants were already booked up. I was a little worried because Mrs L isn't the biggest carnivore & recent CV19 restrictions have certainly impacted upon the buffet style restaurant scene. We were faced with a couple of Christmas 'packages' of which Im not a huge fan as they are based on your ability to guzzle copious quantities of alcohol to get your monies worth, we oped for the cheaper of the two. This was certainly not cheap (not that much in Dubai is) but taking the Christmas Day uplift was reasonable and included from memory just wine as beer was an extra, which seemed weird? Anyway as it happened the house red wine was absolutely fantastic so worked out well. This 'Brazilian' style of restaurant is much like the next and I suppose its a little 'old hat' nowadays. There is a buffet area where you can get salads, pastas, rice, usual filler stuff only CV19 means you have to get a waiter to serve you as opposed to helping yourself. The meat element is brought in a constant stream to your table side suspended on huge manly meat skewers. The waiters inform you what the cut of meat is, which could be Lamb, beef, chicken etc and you duly accept as they carve off a thin slice whilst you grasp it with a small pair of tongs. There is small beer mat that is green on one side / red on the reverse, leave it green side up and they will keep a coming with the meats, flip it to red and the meatfest will cease. I must say that initial cuts that arrived were predominately beef, some nicer than others and for some strange reason it took a number of requests for them to bring some chicken along. When Ive been to UK based versions of this the beef is usually the last to be seen (which im guessing is due to it being the most costly cut) but here cow meat was on regular supply. The restaurant atmosphere and decor was a little dark and dingy if Im being completely honest and it was a shame that the outside terrace was too windy to enjoy an alfresco dinner. All in all a nice meal if you love meat, if not try elsewhere.More
I love the steak here and their salad bar too. But the ambiance indoors is too dark. And the hostess who assisted us doesn’t speak English very well. We couldn’t understand what she was saying about the restaurant offerings except for the price at the end so we just grabbed the menu and got the information from there. The guys bringing the steaks to the table were great and high-spirited. The view of the Burj Khalifa from the outdoor table was spectacular.More
Had a great time at Fogo. Been to many outlets in America but the customer service at the Dubai Fogo was unparalleled! Becky was an exceptional server, very funny and was extremely helpful. Johnny the bartender made lovely drinks, made for lovely conversation and was very efficient! We had an amazing time and can’t wait to be back again!More
Very friendly service. The food was OK-ish but the great service made up for the experience. They complimented us with a delicious cake for our anniversary. Sujan was our server and he was very attentive and nice. thank you!More