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Forest Adventure

The Forest Adventure Grand Course offers thrilling fun for adults and teens alike. Experience zipping through the air, jumping off the Tarzan swing or balancing on some exhilarating bridges and obstacles, knowing that you are safely attached at all times. The Grand Course has 44 obstacles, including Read More

Bedok Reservoir Road
+65 8100 7420
[email protected]

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Singapore 2019

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Recent Reviews
Our kids aged 9 and 12 had a super morning here. Would recommend coming early to beat the crowds and the heat as the waiting times up top can get long if you have someone slow in front of you. We loved the set up here and the scenery was an added bonus. Excellent morning outdoors.Read more
Words can’t express how much fun this was! That said, I very nearly chickened out on the first obstacle in the lowest level-it looked so daunting initially. Fast forward a few hours and I’d conquered the whole lot including advanced levels. It was exhilarating. I haven’t laughed or squealed with excitement/fear like that for a long time. This was by far our favourite experience in Singapore. I felt-and acted-like a kid again. I’ll make this a must do item on my next trip.Read more
Great outing this evening, we went to the Forest Adventure at Bedok Reservoir Park. Filled with exiting and exhilarating fun on treetops. Most super high is the Big Zip, more like a giant zip line zipping across the water. Fun for everyone, from kids to adults. Booking required to reserve your slot and for kids there are age and height limit. Checkout their website, make your booking and have fun and enjoy. Read more
The staff turned our child away this morning because they did not think he reached the required height. We tried to reason with the staff, explaining that our doctors only took measurement of our child the other day, which confirmed that the minimum height was reached. We suggested the staff to re-measure but they were not interested and sent our child away in tears (and this one never cries!). Whether we were allowed to participate on the course is not the main issue. It is the offensive and hostile attitude that we received that tipped the scale. There are so many ways to skin a cat, and the staff could have handled the rejection so much better and perhaps even encourage another trip on a later date. Instead, we were given the "take it or leave it" attitude and our child was made to feel "you failed, not our problem". This is a kids business, if the staff don't like children, then they should find alternative employment. I would suggest the company's management seriously look into this issue - this is a service industry, and your customers are entitled to respect, courtesy and a positive attitude.Read more
Continuous line so very safe. Grand course: in between you can rest briefly. Wear pants with zipped pocket is helpful. Else use locker. Gloves also helpful. The only complicated one is the tarsan swing on red course, and this is skippable with alternatives. Compared to few years ago before rennovation: Now with continuous line it is much safer. You only have to switch the backup carabiner hook. Suggestion: annual pass. This way ppl can come and just do 1 or 2 course for good exercise. Eg green and red OR green and black and come back on different day while bringing friends. I would buy one and just do the red (with tarsan swing) and big zip occasionally while bringing my kids and friends. Now you are stuck feeling you gotta do the three courses or else you wont get the full value of your money. With annual, you can come back another day if weather not permitting after half a course without feeling disappointed too.Read more