Forest Adventure

The Forest Adventure Grand Course offers thrilling fun for adults and teens alike. Experience zipping through the air, jumping off the Tarzan swing or balancing on some exhilarating bridges and obstacles, knowing that you are safely attached at all times. The Grand Course has 44 obstacles, including Read More

Bedok Reservoir Road
+65 8100 7420

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Singapore 2018

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  • Valid until 31st Dec 2018
Recent Reviews
Great course to challenge yourself on agility! Loved the ziplines. Overall experience of the place was great as each level got more challenging to complete.Read more
This could have been 1 star if your trip is cancelled due to frequent lightening strike warnings. If you have breezy weather it is wonderful until the thunder starts and they cancel the line. We came in at 1230pm as a school group. After 30 minutes the thunder started and everyone was brought down. This messed up the second cohort of fathers and sons. We completed one circuit before the thunder delay. We went off for lunch.... scooted to the car park.. back at 230pm. Still no action. But they opened at 3pm. We did the second circuit (so much fun !!!) Then as we left it started raining. Excellent memory and photo op for 6 year old boy and 55 year old dad.Read more
Fantastic course for kids - not too scary and super safe. Highly recommend for family and kids. Definitely take the family for a climb again. Zip line was great fun also! Read more
My lovely BF took me as a valentines day surprise and it was AWESOME. Although felt a bit inept as the daughter and father in front of us was cruising through the course, where as I was a frightened bird going pretty slowly trying not to fall of the grand course. It is definitely challenging and do take a huge gulp of water before you go because you cant get off for average 40 mins before you begin the next course. It was well organized and we had a small group doing the adult course which was great because you arent waiting nor holding anyone behind. I would definitely go again!!!Read more
Exhilarating. A team of four adults got together and completed the Grand Course. It was filled with fun zip lines and obstacle courses to test your mental strength. This is a good way to get active and bond with the family!Read more

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