French Window, The

The French Window is a cosmopolitan French restaurant with an airy, conservatory-like dining room overlooking the picturesque Victoria Harbour. It is the perfect dining destination in Hong Kong’s iconic IFC mall whether you feel like a glass of wine, a delicious cheese platter or for an indulgent Read More

3101, Podium 3rd Level, 1 Harbour View Street
IFC Mall
+852 2393 3812

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Recent Reviews
I just revised one of my favourite restaurants in HK called Whisk which belongs to the same group I can't understand how this one can be the complete opposite. I first visited them three years ago it was nice then with each visit (two/three times a year) its only getting progressively worse in every way. The food , ambience, service all are terrible. What a waste of view. The food - They have the same dish here as Whisk called escargot fricassee which I always order at Whisk and here the dish was like eating boiled cardboard, the foam was watery - the dish was served cold, no hint of lemongrass its was a complete mess. The main course was somewhat of redeemer I had the John dory which was overcooked and chewy the saving grace was the curried carrots with was unusual. My guest seemed to enjoy their meal better than I did. (carpaccio of beef & seafood mains) The wine was poor selection The saving grace was the desert - rum baba which was really good. So it was a mixed bag terrible starter, okay mains and good dessert - the service then ruined it all They weren't attentive, didn't have an idea about the wine pairing they did (my guest had wine pairing - ) and they hurried me to pay before I had eaten my dessert it was only 10:15 pm . So whilst I would have gone out with an average rating I have to give it a poor rating considering the price etc. Over the last tree years its gone steadily downhill what a shame. Read more
Good atmosphere and lovely decoration. But absolutely weak menu selection. We reach there around 6:30pm. Warm welcome and then lead us to the table. Right after we sat down we got the menu but at the same time server informed us that many items from the menu is out of stock.. i think 4 items. And very minimum choices in the menu. It took almost 30 minutes to received out starters.. taste was good but nothing like wow. But the most annoying part was I finished my starter first but my friend, she was half way of her food. This server suddenly came and didn't even ask me just took out my plate and placed my main first..I got a bit upset and I asked them take out my main and serve us together. But I think I got the same main after 15 minutes later. While we both got our main together and sides we ordered .. OMG the sides made us feel laugh .. never seen this much small portion of side anywhere. Some how we finished our meal and ready for dessert and choose this soufflé with vanilla ice cream and the server informed us that they don't have vanilla ice cream so will be change to coconut ice cream... So at last we left the place with not so good memories. But we'll definitely be back again if the menu change.Read more
Food was nice, small portions but nice, nothing crazy good. Seems like the size of the restaurant is too big for the kitchen and we had to wait a long time for our food. friendly staff thoughRead more
I think the menu is a bargain. Only $720 per person for a course of 6 at such a high-end restaurant is already a great deal. It offer a free glass of champagne due to the promotion of Le French GourMay this month. Furthermore, I booked it via an app named Feedmeguru, there were additional 2 small bottles of champagne for four of us. It was also an interesting menu. It, not only offer 2 signature dishes from French Window, it also included 2 Chinese dishes from Cuisine Cuisine next door. One of it was double boiled Papaya soup with fish maw. That was just irresistible for any lady. I also liked the lobster salad the most with right balance favor and mix of vegetable. Highly recommended.Read more
The location of the restaurant is superb. We were attracted by the seafood brunch and free flow of alcohol drinks. The food was quite a disappointment but the drinks helped to make up with the value. Te champagne is not a delicate one but drinkable. The white wine from Bordeaux is more interesting than the red from the same chateaux. Read more