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Grounded at Echo

Grounded at Echo was created as a place where people relax, chat and drink good coffee. Since then, it has grown to become something much more special. The espresso blend is a mixture of Brazilian, Guatemalan and Costa Rican beans - medium dark roasted to preserve the delicate flavours while still Read More

Shop 1, 353 24th Avenue
+27 12 329 0159

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Johannesburg & Pretoria 2019

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Recent Reviews
Grounded is a joyful experience, friendly and creative, it surprises its ability to deliver interesting food with consistent quality. I highly recommend that you will have a great experience at this restaurant.Read more
As a remote Team, we mostly work in isolation in our home offices. However, there are the times when co-location is beneficial and in such cases, we use places like Grounded at Echo. We will definitely visit this venue again and again. It offers an awesome work environment, either in an open space or in an office or boardroom. The Host Team were very attentive to our needs, and we were definitely at home at Grounded... There are a variety of lunch options, walking distance from the venue, but snacks and refreshments are also available on-site. We will be visiting them again for future collaborations, as they are called for.Read more
I love visiting Grounded. The food is always amazing. They use only fresh ingredients and the staff is just as refreshing. I've ordered frozen meals to go as well as cakes for birthday parties and I have never been disappointed. I must confess, their Banting breakfast is my absolute favorite! The pesto (which I've also brought "to go") , is DEVINE!!! This is a hidden gem whiting the Moot!Read more
Think of getting staff a place to relax instead of in middle of restaurant. Chicken mayo sandwiches were really good.Read more
Food was good. Service was good. There is a co working space which is actually really nice. Excited to work through the menu. Will definitely be back. Not very big but if you can, sit outside, it's nice. Very well priced.Read more