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Hauntu is a blend of live theatre performance, role play and storytelling that comes together to provide an engaging experience that’s never been offered before in Kuala Lumpur. Much more than a haunted house, it features real actors, audience interaction, intricate mazes and interconnected Read More

2-9, 2nd Level, No. 360, Jalan Tun Razak
Kuala Lumpur
+6011 1686 9199
[email protected]

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Malaysia 2019

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Recent Reviews
Wonderful experience. Great jump scares. Great actors, set and environment. Can't wait for the next episode.Read more
Hauntu is a really immersive horror experience and Is truly a must go with your closest friends! Really made me feel like I was in a scary movie with my friends, loved role playing and how every character brought the whole experience to another level! Been there countless times and each times is scarier and different! Thank you Hauntu!Read more
This is the third time I have returned to Hauntu and I really love it! It's really well done and most of the actors do a great job creating the story and atmosphere in the game. There might be teensy misses with the acting sometimes like overacting, they forgot to deliver a line that affects the gameplay, etc but the majority of the time it's all great. I also love how elaborate the set is and one really gets into the feel of escaping a haunted place. As with stuff like this, definitely go in with an open mind and embrace your character. It does make it more fun :)Read more
If you wish to come here, DO NOT WATCH ANY VIDEOS IN YOUTUBE about hauntu. It will spoil your excitement as it has not much difference between others experience and yours. Hope the organizer can give players chance to solve the puzzle instead of the staff who has been doing it just bcz they are into character.Read more
The combination of typical haunted house and some storyline was magnificent. I feel like having a real experience of check in the real hotel, having vacation, and the creepiness. Absolutely satisfying 💙💙 Thanks Roro for recommending 😘Read more