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Padstow Restaurant & Bar

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Padstow Restaurant & Bar serves great modern British fare & seafood specialities in a lovely environment at Pak Sha Wan. Located in Sai Kung, where gorgeous seascapes and fantastic beaches replace the usual hustle and bustle so commonly found in Hong Kong’s other districts, Padstow offers ... More

112 Pak Sha Wan
+852 2335 5515
Padstow Restaurant & Bar

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  • Sai Kung


Recent Reviews
Very pleasant ambience and excellent staff. Ordered a beef burger. Honestly the worst I’ve ever been served in my life. My wife thought I was exaggerating until she tasted it. My goodness it still makes me ill to think about it. She was so annoyed that I ate most of it and on reflection so was I. It should’ve been sent back, my bad. This is a totally honest review, can’t for obvious reasons comment on the other dishes on the menu but please don’t order the beef burger!More
Well, we made a reservation for 2 fir 12 noon at Padstow Hong Kong. We included the note that we wanted the weekend roast. Arrive early - 11:45am. Table available and friendly staff. Asked about the roast, was told it was prime rib today (awesome) but they ran out of stock already as they opened at 10am. My reservation form nite does not count for reserving the actual roast (bummer). I guess they do t have fridge space for the numbers needed (why not?). We ordered burgers and I’m sure they will be good. We now know better than to plan to come here for the roast in the future. Maybe buffet in town next time instead.More
📍 Padstow Restaurant & Bar 📍 西貢 Sai Kung • 白沙灣112號 〔 follow me on instagram @sikbaobaola ! ^^ 〕 What's better than enjoying a relaxing brunch with a harbour view at < Padstow Restaurant & Bar >? Padstow is a three-storey building painted in blue located in Hebe Haven. The menu features British cuisines, and you can even enjoy traditional roasts here on weekends and holidays! We had some eggs Benedict and omelette served with their homemade toasts on the balcony area, enjoying some nice views over the harbour. Perfect brunch! 有什麼好比吹著海風享受美食? 《Padstow Restaurant & Bar》就正正能提供這樣悠閒的享受! 進出西貢市中心時,都不難留意到位於白沙灣的這間藍色小屋 佔地三層,空間寬敞,採光度高 中間的樓層更有陽台位置,可以欣賞白沙灣的美麗海景! 風扇吹著也夠涼,可是蚊子就躲不過 ಥ_ಥ 怕蚊子或怕熱的朋友,還是坐在室內比較好:) 我們點了一些早餐菜式,如奄列、水波蛋等,還有咖啡 看著海景,靜靜地享受著美食,真寫意 ♡ 〔推薦菜式 | We ordered & would recommend〕 • Three egg salmon omelette 三文魚奄列 ($128) • Smoked salmon Benedict 煙三文魚水波蛋 ($88) • Eggs Florentine 菠菜水波蛋 ($78) • Spicy BBQ wings 辣醬燒雞翼 ($88)More
I went to this restaurant for lunch with two of my friends. When I arrived, I was LOUDLY ORDERED by the waitress to GET OUT, scan the Leave Home Safe code before I could even step in. I am certainly not allow to go to my table to retrieve my phone from the rucksack. An over zealous apparatchick! All restaurants that I've been to in HK are quite happy to let customers settle in before scanning the health code. Being treated like children definitely does not warm me to the place. Order confusion. One of my friends, knowing that beef pies would take a long time to prepared, pre-ordered his before coming. When the pie arrived, it was a CHICKEN pie! By the time it was redone, the two of us had already finished our lunch. I had fish and chips together with another friend. The fish was of average quality and obvious frozen. But it was reasonably well done. The chips, however, are very very skinny. Like sticks. Edible but not exactly of the standards that I have come to expect. All in all I am not impressed with this place. I go to a restaurant to enjoy myself. I certainly do not want to be ordered around.More
Good restaurant, with a nice choice of dishes on the menu. The ground floor has a terrasse but is rather noisy (busy road), so, go for the 1st floor. With only 3 outside tables & 2 by windows, make sure to book that 1stF. The wine list is reasonable. All in, $1400 for 2More