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Hop On Hop Off Tour

Hope On Hop Off Tour takes you on a joyous ride. With 27 designated stops and covering more than 60 attractions, it is one of the best tours travellers can look out for Read More

Ticket Counter @ KL Tourist Information Kiosk, Stop 6 Bukit Bintang
Bukit Bintang
+6011 1230 5350

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Recent Reviews
We use hop on hop off buses at most places we visit to get a good overview of the city, and the KL tour will be remembered as the worst! There are only 3 buses, despite them telling you that there are more. The buses come only every 45min to an hour! We stopped on the side of the road at one stage and the bus driver got off for 10min to order and get lunch, no alerting the passengers, just a 10min stop without warning!! We stopped numerous times for “5 minutes for the driver to have a smoko” The commentary is in English although we couldn’t understand any of it, the tour guide’s English was not good enough for this line of work and the distortion of the commentary from the terrible speakers made it impossible to understand anything! The most unprofessional business we have ever seen! We decided against using this company for Batu caves and instead got a taxi through the hotel, he was nicer, more knowledgeable and it was much cheaper! We also went to Putrajaya with this taxi on the same day and this was worth seeing, the mosque, the architecture etc, truly amazing. In summary, do not use the hop on and hop off. Have a chat to your hotel concierge, get them to order a taxi and take you around for the day - it may be a little more expensive but well worth it!Read more
The 48 hour pass is great value as it only starts when you first board and therefore a good way to get around KL. It was very difficult to understand the commentary, but over all worth the 2 hours each leg takes. Read more
The jam, in kl, and getting Into one of these things is truly a nightmare. We didn't enjoy it at all. The pollution in air was bad due to smoke from vehicles.Read more
Took the garden view route for the hop on hop off bus with friends and felt that the hop on hop off bus could have been better in a few area. One of the areas that they could have improve on would be the frequency of the hop on hop off bus. The frequency of the bus was supposed to be between 20mins to 30mins but it definitely felt like the wait time was longer than that. Another area that could have been better was the description of each of the next stop that we were approaching. Wanted to hear more and get more information of each of the stop as the information that was being describe was very short for few of the stops.Read more
There are options for 24 hrs or 48 hrs for Hop on, Hop off buses. We chose the the 48 hr since we had good experiences in other cities. However, the KL one does not offer much information on the highlights at each of the stops as we had experienced in other cities. In addition, there are no earbuds provided as any announcements provided as you approach a stop are over a loudspeaker and its not always clear as to what is being said (depends on bus). Also there were longer wait times, traffic issues and shorter operating schedule with a 9 AM start and 6 PM end time for these buses so we were able to get off at only 2 stops per day. On the third day, we walked and saw much more than we saw using the Hop on Bus. Very disappointing. If you go for the Hop on Bus, a 1 day pass is plenty to get a feel for the city and to plan for what you want to see. Bring a guide book since you will not get at all much from the commentary.Read more