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Houseboat brings to Amwaj and Adliya cuisines from India, China, Japan and Thailand, cooked by highly qualified chefs. You can enjoy your meal while admiring the delightfully unique waterfront view. At Houseboat, you can savour traditional authentic Indian curries and tandoori dishes, delicious Read More

Park Gate 3, Shop 2664-A, Amwaj Island Lagoon
+973 1601 0321
[email protected]

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Bahrain 2020

Bahrain 2020

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Recent Reviews
My daughters and myself visited this restaurant whilst on vacation in a Bahrain on 3rd December, we chose this restaurant as we thought there was a lot of choices - huge mistake!! We should of gone to a proper Indian restaurant instead. My eldest daughter and myself both ordered curry and I asked about the size of the rice and was told it was only big enough for one person, when it came it was more than big enough for 2 persons but it was too late by then! The curry tasted like it was a packet mix , there was no spice in it at all , it just tasted powdery! My younger daughter had popcorn chicken off the kids menu and that was ok but not great! The service was mediocre at best , I tried for several minutes to get the waitress attention to ask for salt as none on our table and was blatantly ignored and not even acknowledged when it was clear she could hear me ! The only time we got a smile was when I asked for the bill and I presume they wanted a tip , unfortunately the food and service did not warrant it !! They could take a leaf out of the staff atThe tea club across the way where the service could not be any better and staff are genuinely pleased to see you !!Read more
Food was OK. menu was asian. Service was very good. The dishes were slightly pricey. Nice ambience. Worth one visit.Read more
The worst experience i have had in a long time! it seemed like a popular restaurant so my family and I thought to try it out. we usually use the entertainer vouchers and informed the waitress that we had the voucher and which dishes was it valid for, she listed the dishes and we placed our order for the mixed grill and sushi dish. firstly the food tasted like an amateur cook prepared them, the sushi was the worst we've tasted and the mixed grill was not even edible! the chops had a string of meat on it and didnt taste of anything. so we got it packed up for take away as we couldn't eat any of it, when the bill came the waitress informed me that the mixed grill was not included in the entertainer so the discount couldn't be given! i asked her why she didn't inform us when we placed the order? she didnt answer my question except to say its a sharing platter and its not included,(even though it was listed under main course) still didnt answer my question why she didnt inform us before we ordered as we went through the order with her, so we ended up paying full price for food that we couldnt even eat. blatant trickery by the staff !! and i wont even go into other details of our experience there, the list doesn't end. A definite place to avoid!Read more
They were so good Treated us well-and their food was delicious although it was bit heavy i went for dinner and had rice by force because my friend wanted to east rice I wanted to sit in a big table for 8-9 persons while we were 2 and they had. O problem and talked to us nicely and allowed us happily to sit anywhere we want Nice service , good food , reasonable not bad prices ! Read more
This is what bad service is: I ordered a soup and my friend a fried rice. Soup arrived in 15 minutes, very salty! I could not get a waiter, so went around searching for a sauce bottle. 30 minutes later I went to find the manager as my friend was still waiting for her fried rice, and there was a dry apology. Another ten minutes the food arrived, quite possibly reheated fried out version. Read more